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Throughout Tale 4a tlanthil's Herb:aList (also known as 'the gingerman page') has always been a very useful resource for identifying herbs and quickly finding their foraging method.

When Tale 5 Amunet started and tlanthil was no longer playing, I decided to try and salvage his code, rehost it and update it with Tale 5 foraging methods. Initially I started out on this mainly to give my guild a way to identify herbs without having to switch back to the foraging page on the wiki. Once I had the code up and running on my webhost, I decided to make it available to the public:



A couple of things of note about Herb:aList5:

  • It has about 94% of the T5 foraging methods at this point in time (September 7, 2010).
  • Herb:aList5 aims to be reliable; foraging methods are verified and confirmed by experienced foragers.
  • The original code was developed by tlanthil so I don't deserve any credit for that :) I'm just the curator of the data.
  • Only one person edits Herb:aList5 so no chance of wiki mishaps (example: inexperienced foragers removing confirmed foraging methods).
  • Herb:aList5 is updated once a week now that there are fewer unconfirmed harvesting methods left

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