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Water Mine

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Size N/A
Where Outside

A Water Mine is a large contraption (previously corkscrew-shaped, now a series of buckets on a belt) designed to siphon gems and cuttable gems from the water. Made primarily of glass, it is built near water and is wound by hand.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Water Mining tech.


Built Outside, by water.



A Water Mine can still be built if it is too close to an existing Water Mine, but only the one most recently wound will produce gems. Listening to the pipe of the nonfunctional one returns the message "Aside from the unwinding of the spring in the collar, you hear nothing." If the interfering mine is running when you try to build, you'll get a warning. Presumably, you'll also get a warning if it isn't running. [If you can confirm that there is a build warning when the interfering mine is not running, please update the preceding sentences and remove this one.] It is suggested no closer than about 21 coordinates.

Beware! This building doesn't have a build window, it will be built as soon as you click water mine, unless another water mine is in interference range.

Running a Water Mine

Once a Water Mine is started, it will run on its own for 2 teppy-hours. During the first 5 teppy-minutes, no gems will be produced, but afterwards, it may randomly dispense gems extracted from the sediment. These appear in the hopper to be picked up. The appearance of a gem is signaled by a loud "gurgling" or "bubbling" sound effect heard by those within 64 coordinates (which is the same as the visual range. i.e. if you can see it, you can hear it). A gem will only stay in the hopper for 1 teppy-minute, after which it disappears.

The type of gem dispensed by a Water Mine is random. Usually it is one of the types of cuttable gems, but ordinary gems can also appear. These can be of any size, just like those produced by regular mines. (Yes, this CAN include Huge, but it's not at all common.)

  • As of Jan 12, 2010 Water mines produce two gems per pop instead of one.. in theory two huges could be produced at once but hasn't been seen yet. (NB: This was due to a particular Pyramid being built. So the date itself is irrelevant, rather the date the pyramid was build) (not confirmed in practice, at least in November 2010 - mines give one gem at a time, as before - Tzalaa)

If you have not gotten any gems after 30 minutes things you can try are:

  • Be sure you have building sounds turned on by clicking on yourself-Options-Audio. Max it if you have any doubts. (Check your computer sound too to be sure it is on.)
  • Change the pitch of it. Some pitches give little results. Individual mines vary, try it for a couple hours (well at least half an hour) and if you don't like what you're getting, change it.
  • Be sure there are no other mines running within 21 coordinates. (Listen to the pipe.)

Pitch Angle

Not much has been recorded here about Pitch Angle and how it affects gem acquisition. Ancestral lore states that the optimum pitch angle is different for each Water Mine, and each must been individually calibrated through trial and error.

  • Pitch may affect what types of gems a watermine gives you.
  • Once again, if you aren't getting anything out of the mine after 30 minutes, try changing the pitch.