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For centuries, Egyptian culture has been oriented around the Seven Disciplines of Man. It is by achieving excellence in these disciplines that we perfect our society (and, ultimately, win the game).

The Seven Disciplines are:

  • Architecture - the construction of magnificent buildings. More than any other discipline, the Tests of Architecture demand vast resources and large construction projects.
  • Art and Music - enriching Egypt with works of creativity. Art Tests rely heavily on real-life artistic talent, challenging the player to design masterpieces in various media.
  • The Human Body - achieving physical excellence. The Tests of Body emphasize travel and exploration.
  • Harmony - understanding and coordinating with one's fellow Egyptians. Harmony Tests are often involved with Egyptian society as a whole.
  • Leadership - securing the trust and cooperation of others. In this discipline, which is often highly competitive, Tests revolve around your ability to convince other players to help you pass.
  • Thought - the achievement of mental fitness. Most Thought Tests involve the design of games and puzzles for your fellow Egyptians to solve and rate.
  • Worship - demonstrating reverence and fidelity to the gods. In Egypt religion is a communal activity, and the Tests of Worship emphasize and reward group teamwork. Worship is also associated with agriculture.

All 49 tests are classified under one of the Seven Disciplines. In addition, each School and University in Egypt is devoted to one of the disciplines.

At the end of the game, Egypt is challenged to construct at least one Monument to each Discipline, a communal project by those who have proven their commitment to the disciplines.