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Events/More Catch As Catch Can

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More Catch As Catch Can

September 26th 3pm (Pacific) Duration 4h
Ends Saturday September 26th 2015 7pm (Pacific)

SCHU was pleased .......

but to be satisfied he wants to make you more run and collect what you find and may be you will need. Do you know now the required items? If not compare with your personal score (yourself/events/show..... statistic) which items will be counted.

Still hoping SETESH the God of Chaos will no more show up

top prize is one part of microphone second prize is 50 leeks third prize is 20 leather

participation prize is 30 charcoal

Further details

Scores are not simply added; they are each individually scaled 0 to 100, where 100 is the most anyone achieved in this contest. It's not linear though, so if the best onion farmer harvested 50, and you harvested 25, they'd get 100 points and you'd get 75.

Points awarded for:

  • Flax
  • Grass
  • Silt
  • Slate
  • Wood
  • vegetable
  • Fishing

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Position Player Score Prize
1 Thaine 399 untuned microphone
2 Kyline 369 50 Leeks
3 Kasiya 247 20 Leather

Everbody who scored at least one point received a participant prize of 30 charcoal:

Position Player Score Prize
4 Afrah 200 participant 30 charcoal
5 Marlie 168 participant 30 charcoal
6 Zonar 156 participant 30 charcoal
7 YendorSlave 152 participant 30 charcoal
21 97 participant 30 charcoal
283 1 participant 30 charcoal

Although not indicated in the event overview, to receive a participant prize of 30 charcoal the payer had to score at least one point. Therefore it is possible for someone to have done just a few grass and not score any points due to the high number of grass picked during the event.

The raw chat can bee seen here