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Paint is used to provide color to various projects.


Created in a Pigment Laboratory using various quantities of ingredients. The 11 ingredients are:

The 4 catalysts are:


It is primarily used as a building material, and in research.

Our ancestors could also use paint to color their compounds. This is no longer possible in modern-day Egypt, but Teppy has mentioned that future types of compounds may include paintable areas.

Research and Tuition


Recipes involving the catalysts are Character Specific and thus will be different from person to person.

Some Base ingredients react with each other, the magnitude and direction of this reaction is also character specific.

Reactionless Paint Recipes involving just the base ingredients that don't react with each other can be used by anyone.


The number of colors (from 142 to 182) and the Reaction Pairs have changed for T7. Also, reactions and recipes from previous tales will no longer work due to a flaw in paint that has been fixed by Pluribus. -Larame

Yendor: For all the people asking about paint: (1) Automato PaintWatch is busticated. Don't use it. (2) The base colors of ingredients have not changed (3) The reaction pairs have changed, but are the same for everyone (4) The reaction values now work correctly in that they are different for every avatar and for every telling. (5) I suggest DesertPaintWatch to measure your reactions. I believe Larame has posted an updated version of Practical Paint. The hex values should be on the wiki - Egypt Today 3rd Nov 2015

Getting a reaction

See earlier tale guides...

Rough macro that works out reaction after the first two ingredients are added. A little quirky for the moment, need to restart the macro after each run. Resize the veggietales window to see the information under the buttons. Press buttons in the macro to add ingredients.

Guide on how to use Veggie tales (vt), paint watch (pw), and practical paint(pp):

Illustrated guide to walk new players through paint theory and the complete process of getting reaction values and tweaking recipes using Veggie Tales, Paint Watch, and Practical Paint:

Ingredients and Mixing

There are eleven base ingredients, and each has a starting RGB value, listed below. Note: in earlier tellings, ores were used instead of metals. However, the RGB values are unchanged.

Ingredient Short Red Green Blue
Cabbage Juice cj 128 64 144
Carrots cr 224 112 32
Clay cl 128 96 32
Copper co 64 192 192
Dead Tongue dt 112 64 64
Earth Light el 128 240 224
Iron io 96 48 32
Lead lo 80 80 96
Red Sand rs 144 16 24
Silver Powder si 16 16 32
Toad Skin ts 48 96 48

List of Known Colors

Paint Reactions

Here is the full table of possible reactions. This table seems to be specific to Tale 7. Every player will have the same Color Reaction according to the table below. Though the amount (between -64 to +63) is avatar dependent. The table below agrees with the partial data gathered here: Paint/Partial Reactions
If someone ele could verify the data is correct that would be great -- Anien

CJ Cr Cl DT TS EL RS Pb Ag Fe Cu C:Su C:Po C:Li C:Sa
Cabbage Juice B B B R R
Carrots B R B W W W
Clay R G B W W W G
Dead Tongue Mushrooms B B G G R R
Toad Skin Mushrooms B B G B W B
Earth Light Mushrooms W G R G R R W B
Red Sand B R G
Lead G B R R G B
Silver Powder G G R R B
Iron B W R G R B
Copper W R G G
Catalyst: Sulfur W G W R G W
Catalyst: Potash R W R R B G R
Catalyst: Lime R W R B G R G G
Catalyst: Saltpeter W G B B B W R


The following tools have been updated or verified to work for T7:

Note: GTK# for .net needs to be installed on Windows computers for Desert Paint Lab to work correctly.

Required By

Ceremonial Voting Booth, Chromatic Touch, Distract of Sky, Gazebo, Herpeculture, Herpeculture Experiments Level 1, Hexaglyph Tablet, Test of the Hexaglyphs, Ka Tomb, Test of Khefre's Children, Large House, Lesser Sphinx, Mass Production of Color, Megalopolis, Modern Sheep Farm, Test of the Pulse of the People, Pulse of the People, Raeli Mosaic, Serpentarium, Silkworm Farm, Small House, Test of Seven Phoenix, Throne of Pharaoh, Throne of Pharaoh/Throne Decoration Materials, Thrones Inc/Decorations, Tomb of the Immortal

Produced By

Pigment Laboratory, Saltpeter

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