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User:Ofalot/Painting Guide

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Ok, Here's a capture of teaching Sasha how to use Veggie tales (vt), paint watch (pw), and practical paint(pp).

It's not for complete beginners, but hopefully some of you find it helpful.


Ofalot: is a good start.

Ofalot: There's a macro I put together that works with veggietales. It makes it a little easier to work out the reactions. From



Ofalot: first, download and add the files from the above link into veggietales.

Sasha: I have paint watch already on my vt

Ofalot: cool :)

Ofalot: so gather a bunch of the differnt materials, and a load of red-sand :)

Sasha: I have a window with all the mats on it

Sasha: I have everything except srooms

Ofalot: ok, you need to size the bottom of vt larger, so you see everything.

Sasha: I have it a;; npw

Ofalot: ok, do you have 'practicalpaint' ?

Sasha: No I don;t have practical paint

Ofalot: ok, probably should get that next :)

Sasha: I have it now

Ofalot: hehe.. I uploaded it, then found it there ;)

Sasha: Do i check all those mats on it

Ofalot: ok, dont run it yet... you're looking for the reactions file first to edit :)

Ofalot: reactions.txt

Sasha: ok I am there lol

Ofalot: ok, so the first line.. Cabbage - potash ?

Sasha: Cabbage Copper

Sasha: Cabbage Potash is half way down

Ofalot: ok, I probably moved mine around...

Ofalot: so the first number is the reaction you get when you put cabbage, followed by copper

Ofalot: so in vt paint_watch, click cabbage, (wait) then click copper.

Sasha: ok

Ofalot: cool, I see colour :)

Sasha: Slate Gray

Ofalot: ok, but what numbers are showing up at the bottom of vt?

Sasha: Should i have practical paint running now also

Sasha: On the reactions

Ofalot: pp comes later. yes on reactions.

Sasha: 4, 4, -21

Ofalot: ok, might need to try again... add another 8 redsand and take the paint.

Ofalot: (can't take the paint until it's done ;)

Ofalot: "exit" the paint macro, and re-start it.

Ofalot: "paint_watch.lua"

Sasha: ok back up

Sasha: So cab and cop again LOL

Ofalot: ok. just click cabbagej, and let me know what it says :)

Ofalot: reactions should read 0,0,0 ?

Sasha: Yes it doess

Ofalot: ok, cool. Now click copper.

Sasha: 4, 4 , 3

Ofalot: ok, that's better :)

Sasha: Good

Ofalot: The first number after cabbage|copper is now 4

Ofalot: (or 3, it's kind of approximate)

Sasha: So change that number

Ofalot: yes

Sasha: done

Ofalot: now, close the paint_watch macro, add redsand until you can remove the paint.

Ofalot: now, there is a different reaction when you add copper, followed by cabbage.

Sasha: ok

Sasha: so do copper then cabbage

Ofalot: yep

Ofalot: just make sure you get 0 reaction afer you add the first ingredient

Sasha: 0 0 0

Sasha: 24, 24, 24

Sasha: So put the 24 in the next number place right

Ofalot: ok, so the last number after cab|cop should change to 24. Yes :)

Ofalot: That's it... repeat that ad-nausium.

Sasha: ok

Ofalot: "R" means red. Only the first number will be the reaction.

Ofalot: "G" is the second number in the reaction.

Ofalot: "B" is the third.

Ofalot: so, if you get a reaction like 0,-15,1 . and the reaction is "G", then use -15.

Sasha: oh ok

Sasha: on this one it is B

Ofalot: so once you get through the list, you should have a set of reactions for this tale, and tales to come... unless of the rules change.

Sasha: Reaction is 0, -1, 0

Sasha: so I use 0 right

Ofalot: yes

Sasha: So when i am done do I copy and paste the reaction to practical paint

Ofalot: just save reactions.txt back to overwrite the original, then re-run practical paint.

Sasha: oh ok

Ofalot: you can save and run it now if you want, I can talk you throught that (for when you do finish)?

Sasha: oh ok ty

Sasha: ok i have it up now

Ofalot: ok, the defaults are good. I sometimes change depth6, full 5, and max q 16.

Ofalot: If there's one or two ingredients that you haven't worked out reactions on, then untick those. (I still haven't worked reactions for silver).

Ofalot: (for now, leave most of them ticked)

Ofalot: Then just click "execute analysis"

Sasha: I uncheck carrot Right silver and then sulphur, salt, lime and pot

Ofalot: yep... the thing is, you might not get every colour, especially the more that you haven't worked out

Ofalot: So you get a list of how to make each colour. This is updated as it finds one that is "cheaper".

Ofalot: The longer you let the program run, the more colours it finds, and the better recipes it finds.

Sasha: Black Cabage 1 Iron, 4 lead. lead 1 Copper 1 and red sand 4

Ofalot: (the recipes won't be right for you yet until all your reaction numbers are set)

Ofalot: Though you were in luck there ;)

Sasha: THat was good

Sasha: LOL

Ofalot: one last hint...

Sasha: Yeah

Ofalot: In the ingredients.txt file, there's a list of costs. (Edit all these files with pp closed)

Sasha: oh ok

Ofalot: So, if you have an excess of lead that you want to get rid of... then you'd reduce the number against lead (single number in the middle of the line)

Sasha: on here

Sasha: there is alot of stuff lol

Ofalot: hehe, that should get you started painting :)

Sasha: cabbage, 128, 64, 144 8 Y Bulk 10

Sasha: So which do I change on pp

Ofalot: Yep, that "8" is how hard an ingredient is to find

Sasha: oh ok

Ofalot: It's just fiddly fine-tuning, changing these numbers can give you different recipes.

Sasha: oh ok

Sasha: THank you so much

Ofalot: you're most welcome :)


Sasha: What percentage of these should work you think

Sasha: Cornsilk doesn;t work but then again how much will I need of that lol

Ofalot: With the ones that don't work, either try a slight variation of ingredients, or check your reactions for the ingredients that make it up.

Sasha: oh ok

Ofalot: Like a few of mine weren't working, and I found I had a -9 instead of what should have been 9.

Sasha: I know what it is

Sasha: it has potash and sulphur back to back

Sasha: When you have a W and 3different numbers which do you use

Sasha: This is without earthlight and silver

Ofalot: You should get three similar numbers for W.

Sasha: I did

Sasha: maybe 1 off

Sasha: Like 4 3 4

Sasha: so i used 4

Sasha: can you do all the colors

Ofalot: mmm, it's approximate, so it might take some tweaking to get everything.

Sasha: right

Ofalot: I haven't tried all the colours... 141/142 listed for me (includes earthlight)

Sasha: I am up to 137 no earthlight

Ofalot: Also, try swapping some of the weights around, that can give you a different recipe for the same colour (that might work)