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Demipharaoh Debates/2014 08 2014

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Results: TBA

Debate occurred on Saturday, August 23rd at 16:00 GMT (12:00 Eastern Time (US))

Debate between Anastasya, PetrusIV, and Robby from August 23, 2014

GHawkins: *Cue intro music*
GHawkins: Hello my fellow wheat-laden Egyptians. I come bearing a distraction from your worshipful service of SCHU in the form of a demi-pharaoh debate! Your 3(!) candidates this month have all gathered to spread their message of freedom/authority in the hopes of garnering your vote.
GHawkins: Welcome to Anastasya, PetrusIV, and Robby. Listeners, if you have questions that you would like to submit during the debate, just submit them to Worship Station or via Chat to GHawkins but please note that comments, discussion, personal attacks, and redundant questions will be tabled or asked to be rephrased. Also, I will do my best to also reframe any candidate-specific questions so that all candidates can answer them (though your original question will remain intact for the person you specified.)
PetrusIV: Greetings friends and citizens and fellow candidates
Robby: hello Egypt...i hope you can look up from your wheat for a biy to listen to us 3 :)
GHawkins: Anastasya has told me that she is working through a translator, so I'll be running the debate a bit more slowly than usuaul to allow her a chance to translate along the way and respond.
Robby: understood
Anastasya: hello Egypt :)

FIRST QUESTION For those who have never had the opportunity to interact with you before can you share a little about yourself, what you enjoy about ATITD as well as how long you have been playing?

PetrusIV: I have had the pleasure to be here since T2 and the joy of sharing experiences with many other players and in particular with my egyptian wife Mariamom, 4 tales together so far. I play many other paid MMORPGÕs and keep active accounts in WoW, Elder Scrolls, LoTRO, and SL.
Robby: I have played ATITD since midway through T2 and left at the end of T5 for a much needed break. I used to play as Robare. I returned to the game a little more than 2 months ago just see what was happening, and got completely sucked into it again. I live in the RP region and while I belong to several large guilds, I consider myself a solo player, if that's even possible in this game. I mostly pursue Art, Thought, and Body tests. But dabble in all diciplines if they interest me. I have been a teller at the Goods since T3 and organized and built it up in T4 and T5. I am married to sake but she is an alt. I enjoy many things in the game, but it is the social aspects that I find most rewarding.
Anastasya: I am a French player, married, I have a 6 year old girl :)))) I love the disciplines of leadership and human body. I participate in everything I can when I can, I will gladly help anyone in need it. Personally I started playing 28 months ago. I love flowers and crossbreeding, I really have alot of flowers :)) I love this game, the spirit of the game, self-help, community, and I really enjoyed spending all my tests of Leadership except hegemon which went like this ^^ Lol. mentor for me was a hard test to pass but one of the most attractive because it is much more than a race, it's also one of the important points of the game! I like to help, even after having spent Mentor I continue to mentor, and to help all those in need just because I like it. Obviously there is also Covered cartouche which is one tests of the most the fun things to do.

SECOND QUESTION If you win this election you will pass the test of the Demi-Pharaoh and be our 35th DP of this long and exceptionally drawn out tale. There are a variety of points of view on what the role of DP should and shouldn't be, what is yours, especially now that we're in an unprecedented free to play era.

Robby: I have always seen the role of DP as someone who has the ability to mediate in disputes. Not simply because of the ban factor, but because they have a certain amount of respect to talk with other players about their issues in a neutral manner. Most extreme cases can be dealt with by the Dev's and GM's. But the DP is a good altertnative to try to resolve conflict in some cases.....
Robby: as far as the game being free now...I don't think it changed that role much. Butthe fact that we are near the end of the tale.....we are seeing very little drama and conflict. So the DP role may be somewhat diminished
PetrusIV: I believe that the main role of the DP is to be an arbitrator, but also to be a flag carrier representing Egypt to new players and give live witness of the way players are treated and assisted. I donÕt think that a DP should rush to judgment when ask to intervene. A DP should be an expert in fact finding and when in doubt ask the assistance of the other DPÕs to find the best resolution. A DP above all is the live presence of Egypt to new and old players alike.
PetrusIV: Regarding the FTP era I think is a great opportunity to introduce friends into the game and why not bring all your family members as well.
Anastasya: Well for me first DP should be able to resolve any problem that may arise in the game. It is a model for the people, should be close to Pharaoh and the people to be like a bridge between the two, form a set. Finally a DP must be a leader, a good mentor, and should be on the initiative or assist regional projects or events bringing more people to help and encourage players to participate

THIRD QUESTION submitted by ph47f3. What do the candidates see as the biggest social change that needs to happen in Egypt in the next tale? How/Would they bring that change about?

Robby: The social aspects of the game are what they are. they are formed from the people who play here. I don't think and changes in the game itself will effect how we interact with each other. laws can be made to limit certain behavior, but in the end, it is up to us to create the social climate we want.
Robby: IBy being a helpful, supportive , and respectful player. That ios how I would effect the social aspects of the game.
PetrusIV: Many tests require a comunal participation, folks with the Festivals have been doing an outstanding job, kudos to them. I propose we engage more actively in those tests that require group participation to allow new and old citizens to progress in their experience.
PetrusIV: Continuity of specialized guilds are very important and it should continue to be encouraged.
Anastasya: sorry for the time
Anastasya: and long after reflection I think we just have to keep our launch. participate in larger trials that application to bring together many people we already guilds for many things.

FOURTH QUESTION submitted anonymously: Because we have such a strong international community, do you feel that it's important to have DPs fluent in multiple languages? Do we have enough diversity of languages spoken by active DPs now?

PetrusIV: I believe that DPs with fluency in other languages are an asset and places them in a position to be able to lend more effective support in either conflict resolution or assisting players. Not sure which languages are spoken by other DPs, personally I am fluent in two languages.
Robby: I can't answer about what languages other DP's speak, but i think it is something that should be considered. There are many players who do not speak any English and they should have someone who can be there for them. I myself do not speak any other languages, so I would be of no help in that respect. But, i do know several playersd who are friends who would be abvle to help me in the event that I had to deal with a non English speaker.
Anastasya: lol this is question for me yes I even think it's really important because everyone does not speak English as well as he would like! and the game there anyway as people who are their languages ??and who also need support
Anastasya: and how would you solve a problem if you do you can not understand

FIFTH QUESTION: Does anyone have access to login to your account? (i.e., would any person other than yourself ever have access to your ban powers)? Note: spouselog does not allow access to ban powers.

Robby: no. no one other than myself has access to my avatar.
Anastasya: no
Anastasya: only me
PetrusIV: Nope, except my egyptian wife, hope she doesnt ban me

SIXTH QUESTION Spicy: What languages do each of the DP candidates speak?

GHawkins: SIXTH QUESTION from the audience:
Spicy: What languages do each of the DP candidates speak?
Robby: I only speak English and typonese :)
PetrusIV: Typonese counts? English and Castillian (Spanish) 100% both
PetrusIV: haha Rob got it first I meant my part of typonese as a joke
Robby: :)
Anastasya: french and english

SEVENTH QUESTION: How would you handle it, as DP, if you were involved in an interpersonal conflict with another player? On a related note, how would you handle it if a close personal friend or guildmate made a complaint, or had a complaint made against them, and were seeking your intervention as DP and possibly a ban?

PetrusIV: I have never seen in all my years one of my friends be conflictive to other players. Nevertheless if such situation arise, I will have to recurse myself and refer the issue to other DPÕs for a solution.
Robby: If I was involved in a conflict that was DP related...i would ask another DP to intervene. As far as a freind or guildmate....I would do the same, but, I also feel I'm reasonable enough and can be opjectve that I could deal with it without feeling biased
Robby: and i have to say the same as Petrus. I've never had a friend in the game involved in such a conflict
Anastasya: if I am involved in a personal minor conflict with a person x, I would resolve by myself not need a DP for that. By cons I would not hesitate to inform my fellow DP. if it's a friend of mine who comes to me to settle his individual problems with someone I think I start a discution without taking a party, know the why and how of it problem:) I do not like troublemakers in general, but that's not why I would use my power to DP, I hope never to use. And in any case if would be a can complicate too much, or for reasons of impartiality I would prefer called another DP and he resolve the problem.

EIGHTH QUESTION: When you come across a large camp eligible for DPAing, what do you do? What if there are more people there than just you waiting for the timer to click over allowing ownership?

Robby: If the player or players had been gone for a long time...a few months or more...I would DPA it. sometimes people have billing problems and come back. As far as a group waiting to pounce on a building....i wouldn't participate...I don't do the vulture thing.
PetrusIV: If I come across a camp for DPA and there we more folks waiting and if they have arrived first, I will move along. I will respect the order of the line and arrivals. I have faced the situation in past tales, where I was waiting for a DPA claim and other players arrived much later than the time I was there and I just got the chance to claim a chest, lol, but cesÕt la vie. I agree with Rob, I dont flock either. If the DPA belongs to a know friend, probably I will install a cornerstone or claim and guild it to give it back, I have done that in the past.
Robby: I am so sorry...a semi-emergency has come up in RL....i have to log off and leave. My apologize to you and my fellow candidates. It's not fair to you or them. But I have no choice...good luck to you both. RL can't wait :(
Anastasya: well it is simple it is to me already arrived! I recyclerai everything and I would keep / cp would cut to take up less space, but I will keep the possession in wh
PetrusIV: tc Rob see you soon
GHawkins: Oh dear, well it was time to wrap up anyways. Robby is free to either chat me or put his response to the candidate statement on the wiki. For those who remain:

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: We're running about an hour, so I would like each of you to wrap up now and tell Egypt what they will get in a DP by voting for you. And if you do indeed want them to vote for you, please include why you would like them to.

PetrusIV: I fell in love with the game since I begun playing, and while sometimes, due to RL constrains I cant be here 24/7 I try to be present as much as possible. I hope to be given the opportunity to serve as DP in our Egyptian Community. It will be awesome to pass the test, but at the end the important part is to continue interacting with players from all over the world and to enjoy the land of Egypt.
PetrusIV: I will like to add that I like the game so much that I have submitted Pluribus an Egyptian building design in my intent to assist with new content for T7.
Anastasya: DP if I am elected to start I would be the first tale of the French DP you find that normal? lol this will make me your oracles in 10 lead, I would be really happy if I can. I'm already active but someone would try to do even more, I like to help mentor and so this is natural for me. :) If I can be useful for all the things he will not hesitate to ask me or helping to organize large events or even just for festival or other short I am an open person and I board as currently not much to do I'm open to any ideas. I would like to say a big thank you to you people egytien without it would not be feasible

PetrusIV: Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this debate. Thank you for hosting and allow me to wish everybody a productive weekend. Be well all.
GHawkins: Thank you to Anastasya, PetrusIV, and Robby for attending and being willing to stick around for an extra half hour, and thank you Egypt for your attention during this wheat-growing season to today's Demipharaoh debates. There's a lesson to be learned here about interrupting SCHU's glorious festival inviting SETESH to cause mischief.
GHawkins: The transcripts will be posted on the wiki soon so those of you who did keep to your pious labours can read up on the debates and cast an informed vote. Additionally, a last minute question was submitted that did not make it into the debate, so that question will be added to the end of the transcripts and the candidates are invited to answer when they are able.
GHawkins: All fear and glory to SETESH, may he have mercy on us and spare us his insidious machinations.
Anastasya: I want to say that I am much less known than petrus and robby. so there have a real challenge for me to win this debate. it is important to me because I love the lead, and atitd ! thanks everyone

Post-Debate Question 1: "When are you going to ban another player?"

An audience member asked this question at the close of the debate. Candidates, please respond here or to me in chat and I will update the wiki for you.