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Hello and welcome to my user page.
This is my very first telling, so I'm trying a lot of things and seeing what I like. It's been a diverse career this telling.


Rabbit Trader: My main hobby is rabbits! Dead and alive they are greatly under appreciated in the life of the average Egyptian. I however see their true potential, and am pleased to offer a trading service to provide rabbits to anyone who'd like them. I mainly charge in carrots, but offer other options for payment.

Gem Exchange: Since huge gem output from mines is two, but most uses only require one, I've set up a gem exchange to facilitate trade and skim off the cream.

Paint Mixer: I've worked out all my paint recipes and would be happy to mix paint for you if you provide ingredients and you're willing to travel to me out by the Red Sea near River Plains.

Research and Guides

Painting Guide: While Ofalot's conversation was a great springboard for me, I still had to work out several things through trial and error and consulted information scattered all over to get a handle on everything. As such, I've decided to try consolidating everything to one complete illustrated guide to painting.

Genome Researcher: My latest project, identifying and testing mutagens for the glory of Egypt and eventually the creation of a carrot lily!

Incense tester: I was incensed to discover that incense had been so under-researched this tale.


Public Raeli Ovens: I helped my wife Lenala build a Raeli Oven of her very own. After going through the necessary steps to build one, I realized that building seven wasn't out of line. So I did, themed them after human tragedies great and small, and opened them all up for the public. Enjoy your tiles.

Celebrant: A participant in festivals. Join us!

Vintner: Winemaker, primarily seeking some confluences of coffee and mint.

Mourner: I mourn for the loss of my sanity, for I've elected to build a funerary temple.

Phoenix Builder: A side project, trying to build one of all seven phoenixes and get an image uploaded to the wiki of all seven statues. Given the lack of competition for the Test of the Seven Phoenix, that allows a pass for me, my spouse, and five other friends.

Miscellaneous: and a general grab bag page.

The Test of the Alchemist's Rune: A doomed proposal to introduce nonograms to Tale 7.

Shrine to Setesh: A lovingly crafted homage to everyone's favourite deity.

Thought Tests

Test Location Image Status
Constellation [1573 2552] [Bunny Constellation] Passed
Pulse of the People [1548 2835] Passed
Hexaglyphs [1550 2835] Passed
Venery [1551, 2835] Passed
Bijou {Hint} [1551, 2833] [Bunny Bijou] Passed
Pathmaker [1557, 2839] [Pathmaker] Passed

Noble Riddle Count: 8!

Art Tests

Test Location Image Status
Raeli Mosaic [1548 2829] [Acro Line Raeli Mosaic] Passed
Formal Garden [1583 2554] [Rainbow Rabbit Ranch Garden] Passed