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University of Thought
Level Required ?
Lessons Required ?
Opened In
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Research Costs
Copper Sheeting 500
Small Gears 100
Thermometers 30
Distillation Coil, 5000+ Quality 1
Distillation Coil, 4000+ Quality 5
Distillation Coil, 3000+ Quality 25
Gold Wire 6000
Glass Jars 200
Wine with at least 6% alcohol 100
Wine with at least 12% alcohol 100
Beer of any type 30
Dry Beer of any type 30
Potent Beer 30
Dry, Potent Beer 30
Very Potent Beer 30
Dry, Very Potent Beer 30
Technology Research

Research Required to List:

Research Needed for Materials:

Research Possible After Opening:

Total # of Req. Techs ?


Allows the construction of Alembics.