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Four Corners Obelisk Queue

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  • Put your name on the list
  • Wait for the person before you in the list to build their obelisk
  • Open a chat with the person before you and after you in the list
  • Wait for the person before you to tell you they have passed
  • Build your obelisk and update wiki
  • When you pass update wiki and tell the person next in the list that you have passed

Note: Person who places last material in the construction site owns the obelisk, and they cannot be transferred. This is the most common cause of 'mishaps'. Take care.

Four Corners Queue

Height Character Status
8 Groover Passed
9 Ritter Passed
10 Bastia Passed
11 Kirean Passed
12 Hu Passed
13 Taral Passed
14 Hirokache Passed
15 Cid Passed
16 truanna Passed
17 Teti Passed
18 Jazkar Passed
19 Fuzz Passed
20 Naia Passed
21 KiwiBird Passed
22 Alexa Passed
23 Evoni -Gathering mats (Exchanged with consent from Disintoxication after Evoni is away for one week)
24 Anyolina Gathering Mats
25 fahli Gathering Mats
26 Moonboots Mats Ready

Four Corners Metallic Obelisk Queue

Height Character Status
7 Khelben Passed