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(01)Allbright (02)Aloe (03)Altar blessing (04)Anansi (05)Asafoetida (06)Ashoka (07)Banto (08)Bay Tree (09)Bee Balm (10)Beetle Leaf (11)Beggars Button (12)Black Pepper Plant (13)Blooded Harebell (14)Bluebottle Clover (15)Blue Damia (16)Blue Tarafern (17)Brassy Caltrops (18)Brown Muskerro (19)Buckler Leaf (20)Burnt Tarragon (21)Calabash (22)Caraway (23)Cardamom (24)Chaffa (25)Chatinbrae (26)Chives (27)Chukkah (28)Cicada Bean (29)Cinnamon (30)Cinquefoil (31)Clingroot (32)Common Basil (33)Common Rosemarry (34)Common Sage (35)Corsacia (36)Covage (37)Crampbark (38)Creeping Thyme (39)Crimson Lettuce (40)Crumpled Leaf Basil (41)Curly Sage (42)Daggerleaf (43)Dalchini (44)Dameshood (45)Dank Mullien (46)Dark Ochoa (47)Dark Radish (48)Death Piping (49)Digweed (50)Discorea (51)Dusty Blue Sage (52)Earth Apple (53)Elegia (54)Enchanters Plant (55)Finlow (56)Fleabane (57)Fools Agar (58)Golden Sun (58)Harebell (59)Ilex (60)Indigo Damia (61)Ipomoea (62)Jagged Dewcup (63)Jaivanti (64)Jaiyanti (65)Jugwort (66)Lemon Drop (67)Mariae (68)Meadowsweet (69)Mindanao (70)Mini Lamae (71)Mountain Mint (72)Myristica (73)Myrrh (74)Opal Harebell (75)Orange Niali (76)Orange Sweetgrass (77)Orris (78)Pale Dhamasa (79)Pale Skirret (80)Panoe (81)Pepper Mint (82)Pippali (83)Pitcher Plant (84)Prisniparni (85)Red Pepper (86)Revivia (87)Rhubarb (88)Rubia (89)Rubydora (90)Stickler Hedge (91)Strawberry Tea (92)Strychnos (93)Sweetgrass (94)Sweetsop (95)Sugar Cane (96)Sweet Groundmaple (97)Tagalese (98)Tamarask (99)Tangerine Dream (100)Thyme (101)Tiny Clover (102)Tsatso (103)Upright Ochoa (104)Verdant Squill (105)Wasabi (106)Wild Lettuce (107)Wild Onion (108)Wood Sage (109)Weeping Patala (110)Xanat (111)Yigory