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University of Worship
Level Required ?
Lessons Required ?
Opened In
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Research Costs
Common Sage 1000
Common Rosemary 1000
Tsangto 700
Sorrel 700
Sweetflower 343
Sugar Cane 343
Sky Gladalia 49
Moon Aloe 49
Naranga 7
Mandrake Root 7
Any kind of Moss 100
Green Moss 49
Hairy Moss 7
Calico Moss 7
Phosphorescent Moss 7
Striped, Calico Moss 7
Calico, Reticulated Moss 7
Striped, Reticulated Moss 7
Technology Research

Research Required to List:

Research Needed for Materials:


Research Possible After Opening:

Total # of Req. Techs ?

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Allows herb seeds to be found as a random bonus resource when harvesting herbs.