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A sculpture is a decorative building. It is formed from resources which are loaded into the sculpture and repositioned as the sculptor sees fit. Passers-by may judge a sculpture according to whether it appeals to their aesthetic sensibilities.

Designing a sculpture is the object of the Principle of Art and Music. Players also build sculptures to decorate the landscape, to draw attention to camps and buildings, or simply to express their creativity.


Principles of Art and Music


  • 100 Boards
  • 10 Rope
  • 4 Linen
  • Plus any additional materials you want to add to your sculpture.


  • The resources you add to your sculpture get ruined by the rods used to suspend them, so they cannot be recovered!
  • The maximum amount of items that can be used in a single sculpture is 25.
  • Can be built outside, or in a Compound, where it uses 17x21 cells.
  • Some Items listed here with pictures (from T4 wiki) [[1]]
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