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About me

Hey everyone! My name is LuigiNumber1. I've been playing ATITD on and off since Tale II. My current compound is in River Plains, on the west side of the Nile, just south of SHarm. My previous compound was between SHarm and UThought, but it was DPA'd >:(. Usually, if I'm not working on tests or gathering resources, I like to solve puzzles, cut gems, acro, fish, and maintain livestock (but am really bad at it :P).

In the real world, I'm a high school junior majoring in computer science. I like ancient mythology, Minecraft, Nintendo, Homestuck, and board games. I try to hide references to Homestuck in things that I do, if you find any (and get them) /chat me!


I want to buy:

  • Lens amethysts
  • 50 each of any shade of red, green, blue, and yellow raeli tiles
  • Sheet glass

I have for trade:

  • Charcoal
  • Metals and alloys
  • Cuttable gems
  • Flax products

Wiki editing

As a member of the Disciples of Hypatia, I routinely go around the wiki in search of articles that need creating or improving. This page documents all the changes I make to the wiki.

Currently working on:

  • Test of the Darkest Night
  • Principles for Test of the Safari
  • Principles for Test of the Venery (making my own venery)
  • Principles for Test of Life
  • Balance of Goods
  • Test of the Acrobat (my acro moves)

Guild membership: