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Laws/DPA of Egypt

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Departed Persons Act (DPA) of Egypt

This law would help keep excess clutter left by quit players to a minimum.

This law will allow anything player-built(excluding microphones) to be claimed by any currently paid account, provided the following criteria is met.

1) A "Trial account" that has been inactive for 14 or more days. 2) An account that has remained "unpaid" for 60 continuous days or longer. 3) A "Quit" account 60 days after they have quit and their account goes into "unpaid" status. 4) A "guilded building" where the guild hall belonging to that building has been torn down shall be immediatly claimable. 5) A guildhall that has had no currently paid members in it for 60 days. (if all elders of a guild have become "unpaid" then all current "paid" members of the next highest rank with a "currently paid" player in it shall become elders.)

Also there shall be an option for every paid player to name 1 player to "inherit" their possessions. Should a player quit or remain unpaid for 60 days, the inheriting player shall have 14 days to claim the departed person who has named them as their inheritor's buildings. If these buildings go unclaimed longer than 14 days, they shall be free to be claimed by any currently paid player. (this would be a total of 74 days from the time someone who has named an inheritor becomes "unpaid")