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T7 Beta

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Landing page for T7 Beta pages to make moving data easier after launch.

    • Public facilities:
  • RP 1532, 2860 (Public TWERKS guild)

sheep pen, rocksaws, pottery wheels, kitchens ?

  • MV 1035, 4698

sheep pen

  • 7L 1230 -920 (2 mn of Cs)

Copper and Tin mines

    • Regions
  • Region names and chariots will NOT be changing locations for T7 from where they were in T6 (and are in the T7 Beta). There may be a few minor changes here and there, otherwise it has been confirmed they will remain in the same locations that they were in for the 4.5 years of T6. Additional altars will be added. [source: 9/1 ATITD Reunion Facebook comment by Pluribus]

Open techs so far(test postings by blondie, feel free to change): Techs

Public Mines

  • Copper - 1548,2912
  • Iron 1389, 2997
  • Tin - 1499, 2968
  • Tungsten - 1917, 2485


Chariot Routes

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