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T7 beta flax

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Name Water Weed Flax Seed Pollution A notes
Old dog 2 1 3 2 ?
Sinai Sage 1 1 2 1 ?
Jacob's Field 0 6 3 1 0 flax 0 flax with pollution B
Symphony Ridge Gold 0 3 2 1 0 flax
Sunset Pond 1 1 2 1 0 flax
Constitution Peak 1 3 2 2 0 flax
Old Egypt 0 2 1 1 resistant
Nile Green 1 1 2 1 resistant
  • Pollution A and B might be the same ^^
  • Possible/Likely reasons for pollution A: Trees, Thorns, Wood Planes or Brick Racks - I guess mushrooms were the reason
  • Seems that even with hotkeys turned off, a recent change was made to force the player to run to each bed. Hopefully enough players can give negative feedback about this change to get it changed back to how it was before. For those of us that get a lot of server and client lag spikes, this can be very challenging to keep up with the timing of things.
  • The interval between harvests when growing seeds have always seemed to be approximately 60 Plur seconds but they now seem to vary by type of flax. These are approximately values: OD 60 Plur seconds, SS 55 Plur seconds or 1 RL minute, SRG 70 Plur seconds. Only did one test of each and was timing using my wrist watch. The total time from planting the flax bed to it disappearing needs checked for duration. (Zotep)
  • Flax is based on pollution. There are many types of pollution and at least two diffrent types react with flax. Growing one flax raises pollution A while lowering pollution B. while another might lower A and raise B. only way to figure out which flax does what will be ecology skill. When out of beta, if we cannot get 1 flax that is resistant to all pollution, than I would suggest cross breeding two diffrent strands of flax to use in parallel. -Lazybum