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T7 Foraging

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Herb Cut Harvest Trim Snip Peel Scrape Stem Remove Pick Crush Pluck Squeeze Scrape Leaf
Altar's Blessing NO
Apiphenaml NO
Banto NO
Bee Balm NO NO
Beetle Leaf NO NO NO
Bluebottle Clover NO NO NO NO NO NO
Cardamom NO NO NO
Chaffa NO NO
Chives YES
Cinnamon No NO
Cinquefoil YES
Common Rosemary NO NO NO
Common Sage NO NO
Common Basil YES Corsica NO
Creeping Black Nightshade NO
Crimson Lettuce Negative NO
Crimson Windlead NO
Crumpled Leaf Basil NO
Daggerleaf NO
Dalchini YES
Dank Mullien NO
Dark Ochoa NO NO NO NO
Dark Radish NO
Discorea NO
Dwarf Hogweed NO
Dwarf Wild Lettuce NO NO NO
Fleabane NO
Finlow NO
Fool's Agar NO NO NO NO NO
Ginseng Root YES
Glechoma NO NO NO NO
Golden Thyme YES
Hazlewort YES
Hogweed NO
Hosueleek NO
Hyssop NO NO
Indigo Damia NO
Lavender Scented Thyme NO
Lungclot Nope NO
Jaivanti NO
Maragonsa NO
Mariae NO
Mindano YES
Miniature Bamboo NO
Miniature Lamae NO
Morpha NO
Motherwort NO
Mountain Mint NO NO NO
Myristica YES
Opal Harebell NO
Orange Niali NO
Pale Dhamasa NO NO NO NO
Panoe YES
Patchouli NO
Pippali NO
Prisniparni NO
Purple Tintrini YES
Rhubarb YES
Satsatchi YES NO
Sorrel NO NO
Spinach NO
Steel Bladegrass NO
Stickler Hedge NO NO NO NO
Strawberry Tea YES
Sweetgrass NO NO NO
Sweetsop YES
Thyme YES
Tiny Clover YES
Tsangto NO
Verdant Squill YES
Wild Lettuce YES
Xanosi NO NO
Yigory NO NO
  • So far only a few techniques have carried over from T6. Seems just as random as usual.
  • If you aren't certain what the herb is, please don't guess on this chart! I suggest this to identify the herb:
  • Apologies for any typos in the herb names.
  • Yes, I'm aware this all gets wiped in a few days. :) - Otox