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T5 Herb Rarities (unverified for T6, but probably still accurate)


New Camp Setup

  1. (built) Food, Storage, & Chemistry: 9 Kitchens, 1 Grain Oven, 4 Malting Trays, 1 Alembic, 4 Chem Labs
    • Central Location, Near Warehouses (need ingredient access)
  2. (built) Basic Production: 30 Improved Brickracks, 15 True Kilns
    • Central Location, Need easy access to sand, water, and flax hammocks
  3. (built) Wood Shop: 9 Carp Shops, 3 CC Ovens, Crematory
    • Peripheral Location, Need Access to Bonfire. Preferably close to glass building and firepits.
  4. (built) Automated Buildings & Flax: 6 Small Distaffs, Hand Loom, 2 Hackling Rakes, Autoloom, 2xFlax Gin,
    • 8xPapyrus Tank, 6xFleet Furnace, 4xAnt Colony
    • Semi-Central Location. Will need to either be 1 very large building or split into 2.
  5. (built) Glass Building: 6 Soda Benches, 6 Normal Benches, 6 Jewel Benches
    • Peripheral Location, Need access to Sand. Preferably close to wood building. Near firepits.
  6. (built) Forges & Stonework: 12xStudent's Forge, 2xMaster's Forge, 4xStudent's CB, 2xMCB, 20ish Rock Saws, 4x Mason's Bench.
    • Peripheral Location. Large building or split into 2.
  7. (built) Kettles & Tubs: 25xKettle, 8xTub, 9xAcid Bath
    • Semi-Central Location. Need access to water, preferably close to camel/sheep pens.
  8. (built) Advanced Buildings: 2xSilk Farm, Chemical Bath, Wood Treatment Tank, Clinker Vat, 6xPaper Press
    • Semi-Central or Peripheral Location.
  9. Wine: 2xTasting Table, 20xWine Barrel
  10. Crafting: Anvil, Glory Hole, Gemcutting Table
    • Location doesn't matter. Small Building.

Still to figure out where they go: Khefre's Locker & Beetle Terrariums