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Advanced Metallurgy 1/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Delimiter Small.png
Advanced Metallurgy 1
University of Harmony
Level Required 4
Lessons Required 8
Opened In
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Research Costs
Iron 4000
Copper 4000
Aluminum 1000
Tin 1000
Zinc 1000
Silver 600
Platinum 200
Tungsten 200
Lithium 200
Antimony 200
Strontium 200
Titanium 200
Magnesium 200
Technology Research

Research Required to List:

Research Needed for Materials:


Research Possible After Opening:

  • None
Total # of Req. Techs 7
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Advanced Metallurgy, Level 1 allows for the construction of a reactory to produce alloys.

This level of the technology unlocks the following alloys:

List of Blocked Technologies

The following is a list of technologies, which are currently being researched, but are blocked by either alloys or products blocked by alloys.

Bold regions are done with all non-blocked donations.

Directly Blocked

  • Adv. Glassblowing (SW)
    • 200 Steel Sheeting
  • Viticulture (SA, SW, Saq)
    • 100 Small Barrels
  • Fine Casting (SA)
    • 200 Bronze
    • 200 Steel
  • Deep Well Construction (SA)
    • List requirement

Indirectly Blocked

  • Entomology (SW) [Adv. Glassblowing]
    • 20 Thermometer
  • Gearbox Design (SA) [Fine Casting]
    • 250 Small Gears
    • 2000 Bearings