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From A Tale in the Desert
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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Delimiter Small.png
University of Worship
Level Required 0
Lessons Required n/a
Opened In
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Research Costs
Rope 300
Stone Blade 200
Clay 1000
Technology Research

Research Required to List:

  • None

Research Needed for Materials:

  • None

Research Possible After Opening:

Total # of Req. Techs 0
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Agriculture makes vegetable seeds available at the University of Worship.

Each paid player may visit each University that has researched this technology, and request a free packet of 4 seeds. A player may only obtain one packet of seeds per University, but can visit each university to obtain a total of 13 sets of 4 seeds.

The university will randomly provide seeds for one of the following vegetables: cabbage, carrot, garlic, leek, or onion.

Learning the technology does not result in any new skills.