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Barrel Grinder

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Size 19x11
Where Compound


A barrel grinder is used to grind certain metals into powder.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Pyrotechnic Mortar Construction tech at a University of Art & Music.



Produces Silver Powder or Aluminum Powder

You can load the grinder up with up to 100 Silver or Aluminum metal. You then wind the handle and it will grind for 20 secs. If someone else winds again in this time period the timer resets to 20 secs. If the grinder stops, it breaks, requiring repair costing 4 leather and 4 oil.

Since winding has an Endurance timer of 120 secs, you need a team, good food and a method to synchronize team members. Endurance food with a 21 boost will allow 2 people to pull every 15 seconds. 36 end should allow solo grinding. (stat notes are from T3)

At +5 end it locks end timer for 68 seconds. Means u need 4 people to grind if u have only duct and grilled onions running(which gives +5 end)

10 Silver Powder or 10 Aluminum Powder is produced from 1 metal every 15 seconds and can be used as a timer if your food permits.

Expert tip

Because a message in a chat bubble remains on screen for 15 teppy seconds, this is the ideal way to time your 'wind' actions. Working with 3 people, with just 9 End I was able to run a grinder indefinately using this (plus about 2 seconds real time) as our guide. ~Juspar