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Shabbat Ab/Bastet

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

Region Overview

Located in central Egypt, Shabbat Ab is the runner-up in research and is also one of the most populated regions early in the telling.

(Link to Main Shard : Shabbat Ab)




From the very beginning of the tale, the residents of Shabbat Ab have displayed a level of commitment to research unparalleled apart from its neighboring region, and closest competitor, Stillwater.

See the Shabbat Ab Research Page.


- See Guild pages for more details.

  • Camel Sands (1280, 1515)
    • A large guild with a focus on Public Works.
  • Life on Bastet (1266, 1500)
    • A large guild with a focus on Public Facilities and Research.
  • The Point (1294, 1806)


Map of Shabbat Ab


School of Thought (1611, 1569)

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