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The only region keeping its previous name.

Sinai Atlas

Map Key:

(B)= Beer and Wine Salesmen

(D)= Public Digging Guild

(M)= Sinai Newbie Mentoring Guild

(R)= Sinai Research Guild

(T)= Test-related Guild


(3249, 4841) Near the lake N of ULead. Chromis/Phagrus/Tilapia. 8:45PM-12:00AM

(3210, 4838) Stream on otherside of road of above lake. Catfish. 9:51PM

(3356, 4092) Chromis/Phagrus/Tilapia. 6:00PM-9:00PM

Reported: Lake next to UBODY



SRC provides various public works at (3091,4978).

Chariot: (3208,4377).

Conflict Shrine (3221,4356)



schedule upcoming


Test of the Obelisk

Art and Thought Puzzles

There are a set of compounds located immediately north of the chariot stop which have bijou puzzles and facilities for raeli mosaics. To the south of the cs are a number of empty hand puzzles.