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Raeli Tiles

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Raeli Tiles

These are tiles that are baked in Raeli Oven. They are a Complex item, in that they are all 'Raeli Tiles', but coming in the same colors defined for paint.

Although the color shown by the Raeli Oven during the baking process changes smoothly, the color the tiles end up when used will be the color corresponding to the name, not the color shown in the color swatch.


Where specific Raeli Tile colors are required for a building, they use the same conventions as Paint:
If the requirement is (color)-ish, any tile that has that color word in the name will satisfy it.
Medium Slate Blue will satisfy "blueish"
Hot Pink, Pink, or Light Pink will satisfy "pinkish"
Light Pink, Light Cyan, and Light Sea Green all satisfy "any Light"
Dark Gray will satisfy "Grayish", but not "Greyish"
Light Grey will satisfy "Greyish" and "Grayish"

Test of the Raeli Mosaic

Demonstrating readiness for the Test of the Raeli Mosaic required 1 each White and Black raeli tiles. A Raeli Mosaic is composed of raeli tiles that are broken into useful shapes, then assembled by the artist into (hopefully) pleasing designs.

Test of the Funerary Temple

Demonstrating readiness for the Test of the Funerary Temple required a total of 308 tiles of 4 separate color types. A Funerary Temple's glory depends on the number and variety of raeli tiles added to it. You can add as many as you care to, but you get diminishing returns immediately. Your quandry, then, is balancing Glory with other uses your tiles can be put to (including trading for colors which might get you MORE glory).