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Test of the Raeli Mosaic

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Fracture brittle Raeli Tiles into unusual shapes, and fit them together to form a handsome mosaic. Your fellow Egyptians will judge you both on Color and Composition.


  • Build a Raeli Oven (optional)
  • Start the oven Dredging
  • Begin the Baking Process
  • Interrupt the Baking Process before the tiles are Black
  • Build a Raeli Mosaic
  • Tear down your Raeli Mosaic OR do the following:
    • Have Seven Judges rate your Raeli Mosaic
    • Design rated Good by most judges
  • You do NOT need to add tiles to the mosaic after building it, if you plan to tear down for priciple credit. You will get back materials based on your salvage skill


Build an intricate Mosaic using intricately shaped Raeli Tiles. A mosaic must be completely filled before it can be opened for judging.


Built in a Compound. Uses 28x37 cells.

Mosaic Locations

  • Green for recognized (passed) Mosaics (use "Gr" prefix on pin)
  • Red for unrecognized (unpassed) Mosaics (use "Rd" prefix on pin)

Region Coordinates Designer Passed Remarks RL Date opened
Taygete 875, 6100 Krae Yes 23 Oct. 2010
Alcyone 1724, 2304 Skyfeather Yes 23 Oct. 2010
Alcyone 1557, 2276 Asnath Yes
Alcyone 1706, 2269 RosieRazor Yes Across the road from the CS 28 Oct. 2010
Alcyone 1680, 2279 Lukeera Yes Next to the Goods in EL Art Compound 30 Oct. 2010
Sterope 1938, -2003 Lizzi Yes Along road West of CS
Sterope 1936, -2003 Qwu No Along road West of CS
Taygete 928, 6110 Murtha Yes Just north of the CS 02 nov. 2010
Taygete 931, 6111 Tamb Yes "Desert Snow" Just north of the CS 14 nov. 2010
Celaeno -1708, 822 Nchanter Yes Beteween CS and U Body 03 Nov. 2010
Celaeno -1720, 810 Momra No by cs Nov 20, 2010
Sterope 1935, -2003 Dymo No
Alcyone 1704, 2269 Numaris No 28 Nov 2010
Sinai 2955, 4961 Zeldawn No Along road East of CS in ART Compound 29 Nov 2010
Maia 988, -5581 Vishwadakshinah Yes east of the CS in an art compound 26 Jan 2011
Taygete 933, 6111 Tashienna Yes N of CS in Raeli CP 22 Feb 2011
Sterope 1984, -2030 JaylenaeYbarre Yes just behind cs, in ART building 14 feb 2011
Sterope 1985, -2030 Thunderstorm Yes just behind cs, in ART builiding
Alcyone 1699, 2285 Nissim Yes SouthWest of the cs, in ART builiding by the road 20 March 2011
Alcyone 1719, 2302 Jazkar No Few steps west from CS 29 May 2011
Alcyone 1703, 2285 lilinou No near the CS 25 juin 2011
Alcyone 1755, 2319 Sharae No near cs 13 July 2011
Alcyone 1756, 2318 darkfyre no near cs July 13 2011

Demonstrate the Principle

What it took to unlock the test for Egypt:


See Test Pass History.