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Test of the Bijou

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  • Cut a Queen's Tomb Turquoise
  • Cut a Queen's Tomb Amethyst
  • Build a Scholar's Gem Cutting Table
  • Design a Challenge Cut and open it for Judging
  • Have 7 Judges Solve and Rate your Bijou
  • Design Rated Good by most judges
  • All of the above OR solve three recently winning bijou

Demonstrate the Principle

Demonstrated by Krae in Celaeno on 2011-01-03.


You need to have the Gem Cutting technology to do this test.

Scholar's Gem Cutting Table

Once the table is built, design a unique gem cut (no actual cuttable gems are required) and open it for judging.

Bijou Locations

  • Green for recognized (passed) puzzles (use "Gr" prefix on pin)
  • Red for unrecognized (unpassed) puzzles (use "Rd" prefix on pin)

Region Coordinates Designer Passed Remarks RL Date opened
Taygete 875, 6110 Krae Yes Just north of the chariot 1-3-2011
Celaeno -1695, 857 Sabuli No Just north of the chariot 1-4-2011
Alcyone 1775, 2338 Blueshift Yes Just east and a bit north of the chariot 1-4-2011
Alcyone 1701, 2282 Sambot No just east of the chariot 1-9-2011
Alcyone 1696, 2282 lilinou Yes Just east of the chariot 1-7-2011
Alcyone 1695, 2281 nori No Just east of the chariot 1-7-2011
Alcyone 1556, 2280 Kastou No South of the chariot 1-7-2011
Alcyone 1556, 2280 Asnath No South of the chariot 1-14-2011
Taygete 851, 6065 Rimshot No Behind CS in Paper Factory 1-8-2011
Alcyone 1707, 2297 Artemis No Just south west of the chariot. Not easy. 1-10-2011
Alcyone 1713, 2309 Ninfa Yes Close to cs 1-14-2011
Alcyone 1713, 2308 Jazkar No Close to cs 1-21-2011
Alcyone 1747, 2402 Solaris No Solaris' Experimentarium. Easy 1-29-2011
Maia 963, -5573 Shiranai Yes Across road from CS 2-16-2011
Sterope 1983, -2024 JaylenaeYbarre YES close to CS, in ART building 3-07-2011
Maia 964, -5573 Charlie No Across road from CS 3-27-2011
Alcyone 1754, 2312 Sharae No Just west of chariot 31 Mar 2011
Alcyone 1754, 2309 Indyatep No directly west of cs April 1, 2001
Alcyone 1754, 2311 darkfyre No west of cs 1 Apr 2011
Alcyone 1654, 2290 Robare No Sothwest of the CS 4-2-2011
Alcyone 1676, 2265 testios Yes road CS to the nile 9 Apr 2011
Sterope 1982, -2024 Thunderstorm YES close to CS, in ART building 4-12-2011
Alcyone 1658, 2292 Lill No Close to the cs in the EL Thought cp 4-12-2011
Alcyone 1513, 2622 NoChadLee No North from EL , NOT an easy challenge !!! 10-10-2011

Passes (including "recently passed" puzzles)

See Test Pass History.