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Test of the Darkest Night

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Test of the Darkest Night
  • Eat seven assigned mushrooms fresh from the earth
Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.

Egypt is home to dozens of species of deadly mushrooms. The Test of Darkest Night is taken in 7 stages, and involves building your body's resistance to toxins found in freshly grown mushroom species.


When you begin the test, you will be given an initial list of 5 randomly selected mushroom types to find and ingest fresh from the earth (you cannot use mushrooms already picked). You will have a new option when clicking on the mushroom, if that type of mushroom is on your current list.

Once you have eaten 7 each of ALL FIVE types on the list, you can turn it in to any UBody and receive a new list.

You must turn in multiple lists to pass the test.


Handing in completed lists to the University results in permanent Constitution points.

List 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Points 2 1 0 2 0 1 1


You pass the test upon reaching 7 permanent Constitution (after turning in your last list to the University). you will be able to Grab 10 cobras from a pit every 14 days. you need 1 basket you can transfer snakes from 1 pit to another with that, but the basket is consumed


  • If you find mushrooms around low buildings like fountains, remember that Utility->Make nearby portables look like bags can come in handy.
  • It's safe to have Auto-take piles of up to 50 portable items enabled with this test, you don't have to disable it to get the menu. However, leaving it enabled will mean that you still auto gather any mushrooms not on your list. If your ID skills are not that great, it may be good to turn off the option, so that you do not accidentally gather mushrooms that someone else may need.

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