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Test of Hexaglyphs

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Test of Hexaglyphs
  • Cut a Hile's Chevrons Turquoise
  • Check an Ant Colony and find Mandibular Glue
  • Build a Hexaglyph Tablet
  • Place 7 Hexaglyphs on the Tablet
  • Write 14 Glyphs
  • Lock a Glyph in Place
  • Remove a Glyph
  • Open the Tablet for Judging
  • Tear down your Hexaglyph Tablet, OR do the following:
    • Have Seven Judges solve and rate the puzzle
    • Design rated Good by most Judges
  • All of the above, OR solve three recent winning Hexaglyph Tablets
Demonstrated by Numaris in Alcyone on 2010-12-08.


See Hexaglyph Tablet.

Design Interface

The Hexaglyph Tablet is made up of an array of hexagons (Hexaglyphs). In order to open the puzzle for judging, you must construct a puzzle in its solved state. A solved puzzle is one in which the Hexaglyphs are arranged so that all touching Glyphs match. (The Tablet will not allow you to design an illegal puzzle.)

  • To place a Hexaglyph on the tablet: Click on an empty space on the board.
  • To lock a Hexaglyph in place: Click on the center of a Hexaglyph. Its border will become a brighter white, and the Hexaglyph will become a static piece of the puzzle (it will remain in place; players cannot move it, but will have to move the unlocked Hexaglyphs to match its sides).
  • To remove a Hexaglyph from the tablet: Click on the center of a locked Hexaglyph.
  • To write Glyphs: click near a side of a Hexaglyph. Multiple clicks will cycle through the six available Glyphs, and a seventh click will erase the Glyph.

Solving the Hexaglyph

To solve a Hexaglyph Tablet, click it to start. The Hexaglyphs with a bright white outline are locked; they are in their final position and cannot be moved. The dimmer white pieces can be moved by clicking the center and dragging it to an empty spot. They can be rotated by clicking near an edge and dragging. The goal is to:

  • Have all of the outer edges be blank.
  • Match up all glyphs so that similar symbols are touching.

Strategy (User:Wrel)

  • Start with an outer glyph that cannot be moved.
  • There will be only so many other glyphs you can connect to it, matching symbols, while also keeping outer edges blank.
  • Build from there, keeping outer edges blank.
  • If it's not working out, switch to a different unmovable outer glyph and try again.

Hexaglyph Locations

Region Coordinates Designer Passed Remarks RL Date opened
Alcyone 1665, 2294 Numaris Yes Just west of the CS 2010-12-09
Alcyone 1694, 2283 lilinou Yes Just west of the CS 2011-04-12
Celaeno -1706, 857 Sabuli Yes Next to CS 2010-12-09
Alcyone 1663, 2294 Lill Yes Just west of the CS 2010-12-10
Alcyone 1663, 2294 Robare Yes Just west of the CS 2010-12-11
Alcyone 884, 6085 Fez No Just north of the CS 2010-12-31
Alcyone 1707, 2270 RosieRazor No Near CS 2011-01-09
Alcyone 1713, 2305 Jazkar No Near CS 2011-01-20
Alcyone 1690, 2290 Maata Yes Near CS 2011-01-27
Alcyone 1740, 2407 Solaris No Solaris' Experimentarium 2011-02-08
Alcyone 1705, 2297 Artemis No Near CS 2011-02-12
Alcyone 1778, 2338 Blueshift No Near CS 2011-02-17
Alcyone 1417, 2305 sekhmet No Near CS 2011-03-04
Maia 966, -5574 Shiranai Yes Across road from CS 2011-02-17
Sinai 2694, 5008 Anka No Near CS 2011-03-07
Tatgate 837, 6027 ysabeau No Near CS 2011-03-05
Sterope 1986, -2025 JaylenaeYbarre YES Near CS (ART building) 2011-04-05
Sterope 1985, -2024 Thunderstorm YES Near CS (ART building) 2011-04-05, PASSED 17 april 2011
Maia 965, -5573 Charlie No Across road from CS 2011-04-09
Alcyone 1676, 2265 testios No road form CS to the nile 2011-04-09
Alcyone 1794, 2357 Tuhk No just east of CS 2011-05-22

Passes (including "recently passed" puzzles)

See Test Pass History.