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Principles of Worship

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To qualify as a Worshipper, you must perform the Ritual of Initiation:
a sequence of blessings that involves two aspirants working in harmony.
To begin, visit a School or University of Worship, and use the 'Tests' Menu.


You must present your demonstration items as part of a group of 21 people. Only the Petitioner needs to carry the items.

Principles of Worship

You will have 25 minutes from when you begin (by performing the Ritual of Initiation, not from when you start the test at the university).

Warping using your Navigation skill isn't allowed after the Ritual of Initiation, although you can warp to an Expedition Site using your Exploration Travel skill.

Note: Only one person performs the offering, the other reads the incantations. The person reading the incantations may stay at the altar.

  • Perform the Ritual of Initiation
  • Horus Offering: Bow Down (Bless emote)
  • Horus Incantation: "Praise Horus, King of Egypt!"
  • Isis Offering: Plant a bed of Flax
  • Isis Incantation: "Praise Isis, whose seed is forever fertile!"
  • Osiris Offering: Drop a Beetle into a Mine
  • Osiris Incantation: "Praise Osiris, who was Reborn like the Scarab!"
  • Thoth Offering: Learn a new skill
  • Thoth Incantation: "Praise Thoth, the Magician who created Science!"
  • Ra Offering: Light a Ritual Torch in Deep Desert
  • Ra Incantation: "Praise Ra, of the Blazing Eye!"
  • Bastet Offering: Place Camel Milk in a Grassy Field near Water
  • Bastet Incantation: "Praise Bastet, who teaches grace and elegance!"
  • Amun Offering: Eat a meal of Grilled Fish
  • Amun Incantation: "Praise Amun, who gives us reason to celebrate!"
  • Perform the Closing Ceremony

Level required: 2


Ritual of Initiation

Part 1: The Opening Ceremony The opening ceremony takes place at a common altar, and involves the following steps:

  1. Aspirant #1 places a Small Diamond on the altars' left pillar.
  2. Aspirant #2 places a piece of Twine on the altars' right pillar.
  3. Aspirant #1 meditates on the altar.

You can, and should, take the items back immediately now. They do not have to stay during the test.

Note: This is the statue's left/right, not necessarily yours. If the statue is facing the camera, reverse the instructions (or move the camera).

From this point forward, you must move rapidly! The entire ceremony, from start to finish, can take no more than 25 minutes. If you run out of time, the gods will forget about you, and you will have to start over.

Pleasing the Gods

You can please the gods in any order. For each god, one of the two players must perform some action, then the other must recite a phrase into Main. The action must precede the phrase, or the phrase won't count. The same players do not need to consistently be the actor and the speaker throughout the initiation.

To avoid typing errors, copy the words you need to recite off this wiki, without the quotes, and paste them into the Main channel. If you do mistype something, it will not ruin the test. Just try again.

When an action or a spoken phrase has been correctly performed, both players will receive a popup dialog box confirming it. So the player who will recite the phrase should wait until they get the dialog box for the action being completed.

It is best to leave the Thoth offering until the end in case you make a mistake on something else you still have your skill to learn available to you -- Cynic


Bow down to his lordship (using the "Bless" emote -- the "Bow" emote won't work), then recite, "Praise Horus, King of Egypt!".

You do not need to find a statue of Horus, just do the bless emote anywhere you want and it will count. I suggest doing it right at the altar.


Plant Flax, then recite, "Praise Isis, whose seed is forever fertile!"

You do not need to wait for the flax to grow. Once the seed goes into the ground, the goddess is pleased.


Give him the gift of a Beetle by dropping it into a Mine, then recite, "Praise Osiris, who was Reborn like the Scarab!"

The gender, species, and ownership of the beetle don't matter. Drop whichever type you have most of, or acquire one from an experienced player who will have hundreds to spare from beetle breeding. The option to drop a beetle appears on all mine menus once you complete the opening ceremony, even mines that you don't own and don't have permission to work.


Learn a new skill or tech from a school or university, then recite, "Praise Thoth, the Magician who created Science!"

This is probably the hardest god for older players to please! Make sure you have enough resources to learn a skill if you are going to learn from a school. Learning another level on a multilevel skill (like Project Management) counts. Learning a tech from another player does not.


Light a Ritual Torch deep in the desert, with sand as far as the eye can see. Then recite, "Praise Ra, of the Blazing Eye!"

Location is key here. Use the F6 camera zoomed all the way out. Spin it entirely around. If the only ground texture you can see is sand, the spot should be good. The torch takes 1 oil to light, and 1 board, 1 canvas, and Ritual Item Construction 1 to build. Once lit, it burns for about 15 minutes, then disappears.

NOTE: Ritual Item Construction (1) is required to build a Ritual Torch. This can be the skill learned during the ceremony (for Thoth). Alternatively, a third player may build the torch and give the aspirants permission to use it.


Drop a deben of Camel Milk on the ground, in a grassy area at the edge of a body of water, then recite, "Praise Bastet, who teaches grace and elegance!"

The entire body of water does not need to be surrounded by grass, only the part the milk sits on. Make sure the grass is touching the water.


Eat a Grilled Fish, then recite, "Praise Amun, who gives us reason to celebrate!"

Closing Ceremony

When all seven gods have been pleased, both aspirants must go once more to an altar. It does not need to be the same one used for the opening ceremony. Once they are both there, perform this ceremony:

  1. Aspirant #1 places a piece of Twine on the left pillar.
  2. Aspirant #2 places a Water in Jugs on the right pillar.
  3. Aspirant #1 meditates on the altar.
  4. Aspirant #2 meditates on the altar.

NOTE: Aspirant #1 doesn't have to be the same player that was aspirant #1 in the opening. I didn't have to do the second meditation to get the Principle./McArine

As before, items may be removed from the altar immediately after this ceremony.


The short list of what you need ready before you start

Good Places for Worship Initiation


Spatulus' Sinai Worship Route


Map for visual reference

Possibly not required, but will help:

  • Eat some grilled cabbage for speed.
  • Set expedition site to between S.Lead/U.Arch (optional)
  • Have swimming/test of oyster catcher
  • Small diamonds from mining in Sinai.
    • Start at altar S.Harm 1010,5750 (Peform opening ceremony, perform all 3, below, at same location)
    • Horus (Bless Emote)
    • Amon (Eat Grilled Fish)
    • Isis (Plant flax next to altar)

South to S.Arch (961,5635), learn a skill (# Ritual Item Construction (level 3) - 10 Linen, 200 Firebricks, 100 Oil)

  • Thoth

West to mine 777,5691 (Click Mine, drop beetle)

  • Osiris

West to grass at Waters edge 751,5698 (Drop camel's milk on grass, at edge of water)

  • Bastet

West (swim across river) out into the desert and build a torch. One spot that works is (461, 5907), just north of a camel pen.

  • Ra

Race back to altar at S.Harm -- Alternate: Run to altar near UWorship (697, 6208). This altar is far easier (Amora)

  • Finish with closing ceremony.