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Test of Reason

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You must be at least level 10 to start the Test of Reason.


Note: if all items show Done and you still don't have your level check judgment hints again

Demonstrate the Principle

Be an Initiate of Harmony after Tests of the Pathmaker, Venery and Bijou have been unlocked.

Demonstrated by Blueshift in Saqqarah on 2011-01-3.



This test is based on Thought projects you judge, such as Pathmakers, Empty Hand puzzles, Bijous and Veneries. Similar to the Test of the Critic, you get a new test menu that will tell you your Reason score. Scoring is based on how many peer judges you have for each piece you judge, and scores update after Test advances (usually Sunday/Monday).

T3 scoring notes

Scoring is based on a hash table (similar to petitions). Your score will be less than, or equal to, the total number of unique people who have voted on the same puzzles as you. You can get "rotated out" of a puzzle but your score will never decrease. In theory, the highest score possible is 1020 (255 per puzzle type) but this is a highly unlikely to be achieved (no longer true in T4).

Note: You get credit for puzzles you've judged prior to starting the test (so all those puzzles you've played before the test opened weren't a waste).

Judging Hints

When you sign up for the test, you get a new option in your special menu, Meditate on Judgment Hints. These hints do not impact your score, they just give you an idea as to how well you're judging works. The only time you need to check this menu for the test is for principles. Beyond that, you don't need to check the hints unless you want to see how you're judging works in relation to the rest of Egypt.

Checking your Judgment Hints is done in Self -> Special.

If you have also started the Test of the Critic, the Judgment Hints will list both Thought and Art pieces.


The player with the highest score each week passes the test. If there is a tied score, the pass is retained to the following week.


See Test Pass History.