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Test of Life

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Test of Life
  • Build an Aqueduct Tower
  • Raise the height of any Aqueduct Tower
  • Pump an Aqueduct
  • Use an Aqueduct to fill Jugs
  • Use an Aqueduct to grow Vegetables
  • Assist in growing 1000 Vegetables
Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.

In the Test of Life, you (and other participants) will build an aqueduct system. These aqueducts will assist everybody in growing vegetables, among other things. Each week, the owners of the towers that have assisted in growing the most vegetables will pass the test.


(Confirmed for T4) Build an Aqueduct Tower that provides life-giving water to the arid desert. Vegetable growth assistance is tallied weekly.

  • Build an Aqueduct Tower
  • Raise the height of any Aqueduct Tower
  • Pump an Aqueduct
  • Use an Aqueduct to fill Jugs
  • Use an Aqueduct to grow Vegetables
  • Assist in growing 1000 Vegetables (Updated Weekly) This should say assist in growing 1000 vegetable HARVESTS! (very different!) - Tzalaa-
I understand this to be 1000 "harvests" not the number of vegetables grown. -WaggPhysh- 
Also, this is not the number of harvests you have grown at towers, 
but the the number of harvests grown at or after you tower on the aquaduct line. -Amenuk
When vegetables are grown at a tower, that tower and all towers upstream
(toward the pump) accrue points. Points are per harvest, not per deben. ~Matk
Heres another way of looking at it. Lets say you built a tower at the end of the line.
Anyone growing veggies at your tower will help you and anyone down the line on "Assisting on harvesting
1k veggies". If someone builds a tower after yours and grows veggies, it will count towards the
1k for them and you (and everyone down the line). If people grow veggies at any tower down the
line, it will only count on that acqueduct and those behind it. So if you want to help the
acqueduct line, try to always grow all your veggies on the end of the line (to help everyone
down the line, before yours on the "Assist in growing 1k harvests". Lets say everyone grows
veggies at every tower except yours (last on the line) and below. Then you would not get any
credit towards the 1k veggies. Any credit you wanted, towards the 1k harvests, would need to be
done by yours. So thats why you should always find out the last acqueduct on the line,
and grow veggies there, if possible. ~Cegaiel

Demonstrate the Principle

Demonstrated by Rena in Saqqarah on 2009-04-19 at 19:49:05.

Aqueduct Bonus Towers


An aqueduct consists of one Aqueduct Pump, and a chain of Aqueduct Towers leading away from the pump to useful growing locations.

Pumps and towers may only be built at fixed locations set out in a hexagonal pattern, with exactly 20 coordinates between possible locations. When placing an aqueduct construction site, a locator window will appear to help you identify suitable spots.

Aqueduct Pump

Pumps can only be built at the edge of deep fresh water, as indicated by the aqueduct construction locator window. While the construction site is on the riverbank, the completed pump will appear in deep water at one of the points on the hexagonal grid, too far away to directly access. To access and upgrade the pump, you must build a tower adjacent to the pump; it will have additional options to fill the pump's cistern or upgrade the pump.

The pump counts as a tower for the purposes of the Test, so the pump's owner will accumulate points for all vegetables grown at downstream towers.

Aqueduct Tower

Towers may only be built when there is an immediately adjacent tower or pump, with a top that is at least 5 feet higher than the ground elevation of the new tower. You should use a Barometer to check the heights of your planned route. If you attempt to build in a bad location, it will not allow you to load materials to build the tower.

The top of built towers may be individually raised (for additional materials) after they are constructed, subject to the 5-foot restriction above.

Dedicated Life Guilds

Active pumps:

Planning / under construction:


See Test Pass History.