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Straw is produced from drying grass, and also as a byproduct from flax processing. It has two main uses: as food for camels, and as an ingredient in bricks.


Straw is made by drying Grass. It can be dried by dropping it on the ground, or by putting it in a Flax Hammock or Drying Rack.

NOTE: When dropped on the ground, the more grass in a single pile, the longer the pile takes to dry.

Straw is also the first byproduct of processing Rotten Flax in a Flax Comb or Hackling Rake. For some, it is easier to make straw this way, especially if you have good flax seeds.


Required By

Aqueduct Construction Site, Bricks, Lesser Sphinx, Rabbit Hutch

Produced By

Drying Rack, Flax Comb, Flax Gin, Flax Hammock, Hackling Rake