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12 Month Prepay

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Players who subscribe for a 12 month package can ask for a special decoration for their camp. Below are some details about what you can have and under what limit. Please review the list and determine what you'd like before calling a World Builder (Click self/Special/Call a Game Master/Builder).

Note : this page is an updated version of the one Otter published on T3 wiki.

Basic Things Allowed

  • Flowers in colors of your choice can be placed where you want. Some other plant settings may have to be removed to


  • Paths that don't allow speed running (usually a lighter or darker color of sand or grass or gravel)can be placed for effect to a compound or between buildings or to a road.
  • Columns, flaming altars, and large rocks, heavy rocks for décor.
  • Fountains or water spouts can be placed. You can't gather water from them, and should be aware that they can create lag in heavily built areas.
  • Trees can be moved if they are in your camp to make a more pleasing look but none that will add to the total wood count. If you prefer, trees that have large wood gather amounts can be swapped for more of others that don't give as much, Or vise versa. But, no more than 4 tree exchanges.
  • The land under a building can be modified so the building doesn't appear to be buried or perched.
  • Very small ponds can be placed for a water feature. They often can’t be fished but can look like a catch basin for a water feature.
  • Small buildings can be nudged a bit.
  • A statue that is not used for any event can be placed. And benches. And banners of any color but red.
  • Grass color can be adjusted to look more natural or dramatic.
  • If you already have something like dirt, it can be evened into a more regular shape to make a garden look.
  • Your own voting booth.
  • We allow a single to have their items and things like carpentry shops, camel pens, hutches, ovens, etc. moved to a guild or other local but not the compound building. This would preclude all other décor. People want to relocate around at this stage.

For those groups of 12 month prepay orders

  • All of the above improvements mentioned for singles .
  • The addition of one resourse (clay, water sand, grass, dirt, silt, wood, etc..) (NOT limestone, thorns, cactus). At the builders discretion, and following an audit of adjacent areas, the builder may allow the addition of one of the above items at their discretion. If the area would require more than one of the above items to be feature complete then said area would not meet the criteria of "intent".
  • A group of 5 in one guild (and/or more then half of a larger group being 12 month prepaids, but at least five, couldhave their whole camp (not 5 individual camps) moved elsewhere as long as it doesn't crowd anyone else and all persons in the group agree.
  • A fully decorated altar near your camp if none are within 500 units

Additional Information

  • You can choose some, or parts of all the options
  • The extent of the modifications, and their acceptability, is at the Builder's discretion. If the builder says NO, that is final.
  • The Builder is only coming to this ONCE, and only ONCE.
  • Remember to plan ahead, leaving room for future expansion.
  • Increasing the number of objects, especially water features, increases the lag. Be kind to yourself and your neighbors.

from the ENN log from Tale6:

  • 2011-12-18 22:29:31 Waerloga: If I want to prepay for a year using bitcoins, how would I go about it?
  • 2011-12-18 22:30:11 Pharaoh: Send 36 BTC to your Bitcoin address here (Utility/Billing/Buy a month of ATITD with Bitcoins)
  • 2011-12-18 22:30:42 Pharaoh: And then leave a BillingCall saying that you want to buy a year - I'll fix it all up.