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This is the ATITD Timer v1.0 created by Adam Forster (Dragyn) in 2005. The zip file contains the .exe,.ini and a .wav file. It does NOT need to be installed. Just unzip and launch atitd timer.exe after extracting the zip file. The timer has 3 modes. Real Time, Teppy Time and Game (Egypt) Time modes. Egypt/Game time is the game clock itself.

For the most part you will be using Teppy Time. Teppy time is also the time used at Chariot Stops.


OPTIONS: To set options, in the program, just right click in an empty area of the program screen.

NOTE: In order to use this program correctly, it is important that you understand how the timer works. When the timer is counting, it is ALWAYS counting in REAL TIME, regardless of if you have it set to Real, Teppy or Game mode. If you set 1m in Teppy mode, then the timer shows End Time as 1:06. The extra 6 seconds is where Teppy time comes into play. If you set 1m to Game time, then the EndTime appears as 22s (because Gametime moves at 3x speed). But in the long run, the time always works out correctly.

I wanted to bring this to your attention mainly because of Chariot Time, which counts down in Teppy Time. If a chariot has 5m 17s and you set the timer for that, it will countdown from 5m 51s. Since the timer is actually moving in real time, then the times will not match up (to the chariot dialogue) as it counts down to zero. However, the timer program will hit zero at the same time the chariot time is up, so it all works out.

Atitd timer.jpg

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