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Red means you will probably crystalize the batch if you click there. Green mean a clean click, and you can keep going. Here is a quick rundown on the Why's

  1. Too much overlap with a neaby circle. The target circle is probably going to be the circle to the top right of the click. The overlap isnt too much and will probably be safe. Possibly that the target circle will be the bottom of the two circles you are clicking inside (depending just how close to which center the click is). If this is the case you have a sure crystalization. The bottom circle of the two you are clicking inside has major overlap with the circle below it. this will drag the other circle into alignment with the clicked circle causing the batch to crystalize.
    1. Note this is not accurate. Clicking here will result in the northern most circle being the "active circle". It is not close enough to the circle just bellow it to cause crystallization. And in fact it's probably one of the better places to click as it will likely result in #7 being moved far enough that it's safe to click. -Eldrad
  2. overlap with the circle to the top right. The top right circle will drag into the clicked circle too far causing the batch to crystalize.
  3. Clean click. No major overlap with nearby circles
  4. This one may at first seem like it would be a no-no, but it is a good click (in fact if you are going for getting metal this is the best option available from the start). This is the option i clicked, and i confirm it did not crystalize. Rundown of why
    1. your clicked circle is going to end up being the circle who center is just a bit down right from the click spot.
    2. Even though the spot we click has 4 overlapped circles, none of these circles starts with a major overlap with the clicked circle
      1. circle to bottom left has less than 50% overlap
      2. circle to right has less than 50% overlap
      3. circle to top right has less than 50% overlap
      4. circle to top-top left has less than 30% overlap
      5. circle to top left has less than 30% overlap
    3. none of these circles will move far enough from the click into the clicked circle to cause an alignment. so no crystalization.
  5. good click. probably the best beginner click if you arent comfortable with reading the circles when they start clumping. No circles have major overlap
  6. instant crystalization. the clicked circle is already >75% overlap with the nearby circle.
  7. Exact same as 2, shares to much overlap with circle to the bottom left.