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Basic Skills Run

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Basic Skills Run

As a new player fresh off the island, you will find that one of the key aspects of life in Egypt is making trips (long trips, in many cases) to visit School and University buildings in order to gain access to the skills you need to make your way in the game. Even if you are not intent on leveling up, you will still have to acquire enough basic skills from these institutions to perform necessary, everyday tasks like brick making and board making. Because Egypt is vast, and as a new player you have no access to any transportation besides your feet, you do not want to have to make these trips often. Visiting several schools in one trip to gain skills is known as a Skills Run, which is actually pretty descriptive of what you'll be spending at least an hour or two doing - running, and skilling up.

Skills are acquired from Schools, and schools require tuition (in the form of goods) in return for giving you a skill. This article focuses on how to get as many skills from as many Schools as possible in the shortest time.

You will also pass Universities on your Skills Run. You should stop at every University you go by and click it, too - you will gain new technologies, which are free because somebody else has already donated the required research materials, so not making the stop would just be dumb.

With some planning, gathering and a good map [F3], you can in fact gain a large number of skills you'll use every day in just one or two runs. The keys to making this work are:

  • Know what skills are available at your level from what Schools
  • Know what materials you need to give the school to gain the skill
  • Know where and how to gather those materials, and take everything you can with you
  • Use the map to locate a grouping of Schools and plan the order in which you will visit them

Your immediate goal is to use the F3 map to find the clutch of Schools nearest you (they tend to be on the outskirts of each town) and then plan the order in which you will visit them. It may make more sense to go to an area slightly further away, but with with a better layout of schools for your particular run. Study the maps carefully, because this kind of advanced route planning is a skill you can use over and over again through many skills runs as you level up.

Also, since you can start all the Tests from the various Universities, make sure and stop by them as well on your way (not to mention all the tech learning you get for free, thanks everyone). For example, the first UBody test of plant classification can be done while running this skill, and therefore, open you up to more skills during this same run (specifically carving 2, which is easily attained).

The First Run

See T4 Skill Run Guide - likely inaccurate now

First runners beware! Fly Fishing tuition changed from 26 Twine, 1 Sharpened Stick into 16 Thread, 1 Sharpened Stick -- Lisimba