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Christmas Presents

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In December, Christmas presents are being distributed all over Egypt in random locations. They will appear in snow storms and the common theory is they will stay around until collected by the recipient.

In 2012 and 2013, the event started December 25th, in 2014 the event started December 22nd.

14 people need to stand in the snow to spawn the presents. Just before this happens, a message will appear in main chat "You have participated in ## snow storms". The presents will have random names on them and you do not need to participate (stand in snow) in order to receive a present.

Historically (Tale IV) they remained on the ground, uncollected by some, until the end of the tale. From Christmas 2014 season, all pressies will automatically remove themselves from the game a month after the event has finished.

In 2014 the Snow Storms guild has been created to announce storms when public boards are down (L2PBS, ...).