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Demipharaoh Debates/2016 06 2015


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Results: TBA

Debate occurred on Thursday, June 18th at 23:00 GMT.


Debate between brucette and MissBarbara from June 18, 2015

GHawkins: '/me cue intro music.
GHawkins: Hello Egypt and welcome to the latest round of the Demipharaoh elections. I am your host GHawkins, and I'm pleased to have with me here today your two candidates, brucette and MissBarbara!
GHawkins: If you have questions that you would like to submit during the debate, just submit them to Worship Station or via /chat to GHawkins but please note that comments, discussion, personal attacks, and redundant questions will be tabled or asked to be rephrased. Also, I will do my best to also reframe any candidate-specific questions so that all candidates can answer them (though your original question will remain intact for the person you specified.)

FIRST QUESTION For those who don't know you well, can you share a little about yourself and what you enjoy about ATITD, as well as how long you have been playing?

MissBarbara: Hello Egypt. I am MissBarbara :) I have been playing all Tales, except for most of this Tale, due to a real life tragedy that took all my energy and focus (I suffered the terrible loss of my 2½ year old daughter, my only child). I am now slowly finding myself again, and I am back in Egypt with the people and community that I love. I am living in South Egypt as always, and I am happily married to Balthazarr, who is a wonderful husband that quickly learned which gems and flowers I appreciate the most ;) I love running, herbing, mushroom-time and to help others and to get to know people from the entire world.
brucette: I have been playing since T1. Over the years I have made a lot of friends and met many people. I still play with the same group of people as I did in T2, they are like my 2nd family. In the past I have done my best to help people whenever needed and it is a joy to me to make new friends. Especially if they become long time players of this game that I love. I was a DP in previous tales and I would love the chance to become one again. My real life job as a Retail Manager has prepared me for many roles in Atitd. A leader, team player, organizer, builder, mediator and most of all a very good listener. These skills are an assett to being a great Demi Pharaoh. I have a passion for this game and I really want everyone playing to have as much fun as possible, my goal as Demi Pharaoh would be to make sure that is possible.

SECOND QUESTION: If you win this election you will be the 47th DemiPharaoh of this tale. In your opinion, is this just a ceremonial position at this point or is there something that DemiPharaohs can still do to contritue to this game?

MissBarbara: Just because this Telling is soon coming to an end does not mean, that there is no need for DP's and their roles. I think, that it's an important role that should not be taken lightly, no matter if you are in the beginning of the tale or if you are in the end of the tale. I was the last DP in Tale1 and would love to be the last DP in this Tale as well ;)
brucette: In tale 4 I became DP with only two weeks left in the game. It wasn't a day in when there was a controversy over a few players that sparked a debate between the DPs. It resulted in two bans. So every DP is important, even the 47th one. Plus DPs can always contribute as leaders and mentors at all times.

THIRD QUESTION: Since you both have experience as DPs, what is the greatest lesson you learned from being a DP before?

brucette: That being a DP matters. In my tale as DP it was not a test and it didn't mean a pass. I still was honored to represent my fellow players and to voice their opions during a controversy.
MissBarbara: The greatest lesson I have learned from being a DP is, that being a DP is not about the bans or about one self. It is about what you can contribute with to Egypt and it's people. Both as a role model and a face of Egypt but also about putting other peoples needs in front of your own at any time.

FOURTH QUESTION: How would you handle it, as DP, if you were involved in an interpersonal conflict with another player? On a related note, how would you handle it if a close personal friend or guildmate made a complaint, or had a complaint made against them, and were seeking your intervention as DP and possibly a ban? Have you already faced this scenario?

MissBarbara: I do not think that DP bans should be used for solving conflicts between players, unless we are having a very extreme situation, that I can hardly imagine. In almost all situations, a law (AGA - Anti-Griefer's Act) and Egypt’s united voice through that law is a lot better solution. However I do think, that DP's should do their best to mediate and solve the problems they are asked to help with if possible. They should also be able to reach out to each other and work together to resolve issues when needed. No, I have not tried it, but I would do what I could to help, no matter if it is a friend or not who is asking for help.
brucette: Life is too short for conflict with anyone. I don't let things bother me much anymore. If there was an issue with a friend, guildmate or even someone I don't know I would act as a mediator and try to help all parties involved understand all sides. It is rare that a ban is used in this game and I would never consider it just to keep someone happy.

FIFTH QUESTION: Do you think there is a role in ATITD for disruptive players? How should DPs interact with players that intentionally buck community norms?

MissBarbara: I think there is a role for almost everybody in Egypt. I also think, that the few individuals who do not find their own role in our society, will be judged by the people of Egypt through a law or simply through being ignored and not invited in on all the socializing and team work Egypt consists of. I am always ready to work with and discuss how to resolve such problem players.
brucette: There is a place for everyone in this game. Some peopee over the past 12+ years have been banned for crossing socially unacceptable lines and were banned for it. This game thrives on diversity. Funny people, silly people, grumpy people, aggressive people etc. it is what makes our community fresh and fun. Besides, what is normal anyway?
brucette: *people

SIXTH QUESTION: As veteran DPs, would you make a better DemiPharaoh now than you were in a prior tale? If so, what has changed, and what will you do differently?

brucette: Even though I am a little older and possibly a little wiser... I would not change a thing. I know what makes this game tick and it seems to tick so well.
MissBarbara: That is an interesting question. I can honestly tell you, that I have matured a lot. The past 10 years of real life have given me a lot of life experience and that is of course also something that, in the end of the day, adds a bit of sense and maybe patience to a person. But I am still the same honest, friendly and at times, silly person as I was back then :) (please do not take a closer look and start count my wrinkles!)
brucette: '/me squints... one, two, doh, she moved.

SEVENTH QUESTION: If the general consensus of the rest of the DPs were that a person should not be banned, but you felt strongly that they should, what would you do?

brucette: I would lead a debate and explain my feelings. I would allow everyone else to do the same thing. After a thorough discussion we would vote and I would honour the outcome of the vote.
MissBarbara: I believe that the DP's should always work together and I would not ban a person, if the other DP's advised against it. However I would keep an eye on the person in question and make sure that he/she behaved and if he/she did not, I would gather my evidences and consult the other DP's again. If it was an emergency situation we still have the tool of a 1 day ban for example, until I would be able to speak to the other DP's.

EIGHTH QUESTION: Since both of you have played since T1 I am curious who was your first mentor or mentors and what did they do to help you to become so in love with this game that you have now played for over 12 years? Is there any particular attribute or skill or attitude they imparted upon you that really sticks in your memory?

GHawkins: EIGHTH QUESTION comes from the audience: Balthazarr: Since both of you have played since T1 I am curious who was your first mentor or mentors and what did they do to help you to become so in love with this game that you have now played for over 12 years? Is there any particular attribute or skill or attitude they imparted upon you that really sticks in your memory?
MissBarbara: My first mentor was a very wonderful - and helpful woman - called LittleCleo. She was a member of the guild, LotR Fellowship guild which was my very first guild in Egypt. She showed me how wonderful life in Egypt could be (and made me a lot of beer!). She taught me, that if you gave a bit of yourself to Egypt, you would get it back in hundreds, and she was right :) her, Esme and FaceAnkh was the people who made me tie very deep and close bonds to Egypt, and I am very thankful to all of them.
brucette: Gumby. What a guy. He was there the minute I arrived off of Newbie Island. He not only gave me a few things, he took about an hour and showed me around. I consider him my first friend from ATitD. If I could be half the person that Gumby represents, I would be extremely proud.

NINTH QUESTION: What do you think of your fellow DPs?

GHawkins: NINTH QUESTION, also from the audience: Morrigan: What do you think of your fellow DPs?
brucette: Thank-you Morrigan. The last one is a bit of a nut ;) As for the other 45, I would have to take some time to read the entire list! This game needs all kinds of people and I am positive that the previous 46 are a good cross section of our comunity and I respect them all equally.
MissBarbara: I think they are really nice people with whom I have no problems at all with working side by side with. :)

TENTH QUESTION: Does anyone have access to login to your account? (i.e., would any person other than yourself ever have access to your ban powers)? Note: spouselog does not allow access to ban powers.

MissBarbara: No.
brucette: One person has my password. ReddRuby. The sweetest, kindest, loopiest, person I have known for twelve years. Plus she is currently a DP. I trust her completely.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Please wrap up now and tell Egypt what sort of DP they can expect by voting for you and what would you like to be best known for as a player?

MissBarbara: Voting for me is voting for someone who is always putting others in front of herself, and I will remain that way also as DP. A person who is always approachable, friendly and helpful, and I hope that those qualities are what I am best know for as a player, but that is for Egypt to judge, not for me. Thank you for your consideration and nice interview :)
brucette: First I want to thank GHawkins for doing an awesome job, as usual. Then I want to thank Pluribus for breathing new life into this game we love. Have to thank MissBarbara for making it a fun challenge. Finally I want to thank all of Egypt for helping us all have fun and play in the sand. A lot of you know me, or know of me, you should expect me to be me. I will help anyone who asks. I will bend over backwards to make sure we all can have some fun. But finally, you can expect me to keep trying to make you all laugh. Thank-you all and HUGS.

GHawkins: Thank you to both brucette and MissBarbara for being available and willing to put up with these questions, it's been a pleasure to speak with such veteran players. I will be posting the debate log to the wiki shortly.
GHawkins: There are still several days left in the election, so go out and vote early, and vote as often as you like since only your latest vote submission counts anyways.
GHawkins: Feel free to get in touch with the candidates if you would like to ask them more questions.