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Events/Project Bunnyway

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Design Winners

  • 1st with 35 Pepper Poppins by Lyman,
  • 2nd with 23 Easter Gown by Orchid,
  • 3rd with 21 the Duchess of Bunville by Raki,
  • 4th with 19 Bride of the Bun Buns by Chelsis,
  • 5th a tie with 18 Study in Scarlett by Cate AND Pyro Princess by Avanya....
  • 6th with 16 Spring Blooms by Anish,
  • 7th with 12 VicVic's Day Out by VicVic,
  • 8th a Tie with 11 - Bunny Love Frock by Yerbouti AND Lady of the Leeks by Lyman,
  • 9th with 10 Ibis Couture by Anyolina,
  • 10th with 9 Shroom Madness by Nebkhepure & KalmKitty,
  • 11th a Tie with 8 - Pretty in Purple by Nchanter AND A Nightmare Before Easter by Ysabeau,
  • 12th with 3 - Haute-iculture Spring Sarong by Nekos
  • Honorable mention to Lazybum's Unfinished Cadbury Bunneh


Starts at 921, 5027. Just north of Midland Valley CS, look for signs! Build directly on the "spots" that run east from road.

Location and Building spots


Spring has sprung! It's time for everyone to put on his or her finest couture to celebrate the season. A contest shall be held where Egypt's top Bunnyway Designers create fashions to walk our 'cat'walk. At the end of the design challenge period, Egypt's citizens shall choose the grandest dresses of all during the judging period and those designers shall be rewarded with prizes! Note: This is a player run event, organized and hosted by Korrin and Dreasimy. Prizes donated by players.... who have been very generous!!


  • Designing 6pm Eastern Friday March 30th - 6pm Eastern Friday April 6th (UTC: Friday, March 30, 2012 at 22:00:00 - Friday, April 6, 2012 at 22:00:00)
  • Judging 6pm Eastern Friday April 6th - 6pm Eastern Sunday April 8th (UTC: Friday, April 6, 2012 at 22:00:00 - Sunday, April 8th, 2012 at 22:00:00)
  • Winners Announced sometime soon after 6pm Eastern Sunday April 8th (UTC: Sunday, April 8, 2012 at 22:00:00) once votes are tallied!


Project Bunnyway! It's fashionable! It's couture! It's evocative of spring! Designers should create a wearable dress designed with spring in mind!


Anyone may enter the contest. To enter do 2 things:

  • 1) Build a sculpture meeting the "Project Bunnyway" event theme in the designated sculpture area. Each entry must be built on it's own 'square' on the Bunnyway. The Bunnyway begins at coordinates 923, 5027 and extends east. About every 4 coordinates you will find a square patch of rock, each of these square patches of rock are designated spots to hold one design.
  • 2) Upload a screenshot of your design (ideally with a model inside your design) to the Project Bunnway event gallery page.


How many sculpture bases can I use? As many as you wish but please keep them as tight to your own sculpture as you can, to leave room for other artists. Also, it is recommended that your sculpture bases are all oriented in the same direction to prevent misshaping of your design. Each sculpture base costs: 100 Boards, 10 Rope, 4 Linen

How many entries can I make? As many as you wish! Please put each one on it's own 'square' on the Bunnyway. The Bunnyway begins at coordinates 923, 5027 and extends east. About every 4 coordinates you will find a square patch of rock, each of these square patches of rock are designated spots to hold one design.

How do I make sure I can can stand perfectly in my gown? Pro Tip from Tale 3's Events Horus: Before you build the gown, choose your spot and make a waypoint to the exact position your gown will be built. Then walk away and orient yourself facing the correct direction (south is recommended due to lighting) and waypoint back to the spot. Now you are ready to build your dress on your body for proper fitting.

How do I know what an object will look like before I load it into my sculpture? Test it! Test it by dropping one on the ground, and it will show you the graphic.

How do I take a screenshot? Alt-C (saved in the directory with elaunch as FrameXXXXX.png) On Linux, with game installed to ~/eClient, Screenshots are placed in ~/.egenesis/egyptc.

How do I upload my screenshot? Go to Special:Upload and follow the instructions for a full version of your file. Ask Korrin or Dreasimy if you need help.

Can I wear my <insert design idea here>? You, or your model, can wear whatever you design. The winners will be judged by the citizens of Egypt guided by the theme of the contest.

Project Bunnyway Judging

Anyone level 2 or higher can judge by using the carving skill to Whittle a Personal Chit. Use 3 chits to vote for your 3 favorite separate sculptures. Do not vote for more than 3 sculptures. Do not vote for one sculpture more than once with the same avatar. Do not vote for fewer than 3 sculptures (well, OK, we guess you can vote for fewer than 3 but why would you want to?)

There is a publically useable box in the Project Bunnyway compound at 897, 5016 containing knives and wood for your chit-making pleasure!

* Put only 1 chit per sculpture! Each sculpture has a stashable Storage Basket belonging to the Project Bunnyway Planning Committee near its base. Do not vote for more than 3 sculptures or none of your votes will count!

Project Bunnyway Prizes

Without further adieu.... here are the prizes available to the winning designers! Prizes are being awarded by winner's choice in the order the designers placed in the contest. This means it does take some extra time to contact each winner individually in order to determine their preferred prize. We greatly appreciate your patience during this process! Once all designers have selected their prizes the remaining prizes will be raffled off to the judging pool so stay tuned! :D

Prize Winner's Name Prize Awarded For # in Prize Order Donated by
TREEROOT: 9k+ Shovel Sheeba Raffle M Augir
Island Blue Marble Quarry (N of 7L cs at 1469 -686) Chelsis 4th Place Design D Pascalito
8k+ Hookah Orchid 2nd Place Design B Avanya
Huge Diamond, Emerald, Quartz & Topaz Cate 5th Place Design (Tie) E Casino
30 Each Brass, Bronze, Steel Akpos Raffle M Xaxyx
Ceremonial Tasting Set w/ Full Glassware/Wines Anish 6th Place Design F Avanya (Glassware) & Korrin (table and wines)
Pathmaker Cut Gems Set Nchanter 11th Place Design (Tie) K Lorraine
Foraging II Tuition Anyolina Raffle M Dreasimy
10 Silk Cloth Yerbouti 8th Place Design (Tie) H Toes in the Sand Guild
99 Unique Raeli Tiles Avanya 5th Place Design (Tie) E Orchid
Greenhouse Kit VicVic 7th Place Design G Duncan
7k+ Barometer Ninfa Raffle M Avanya
2 Fulleye Sunstones Lyman 1st Place Design A Orchid & Ay
12 Oyster Shell Marble Estaar Raffle M oDiS
4 Thermometers Teti Raffle M Avanya
Beer Kettle Kit Panya Raffle M Bryce
5 Baskets Truanna Raffle M Chet
25 Sheetglass Ysabeau 11th Place Design (Tie) K Bryce
6 Chocolates and 100 Linen (for napkins) Fuzz Raffle M Korrin & Duncan
Greenhouse Kit Lyman 8th Place Design (Tie) H Blue Lotus Guild
LazyBum's Wine Collection (6 Wines) Pameow Raffle M LazyBum
50 Moonsteel Stanton Raffle M Kuupid
50 Moonsteel Bessodia Raffle M Kuupid
Reinforced Kiln Kit Raki 3rd Place Design C Rabble
Reinforced Kiln Kit Kalmkitty 10th Place Design J Rabble
Reinforced Kiln Kit Nekos 12th Place Design L Rabble
Reinforced Kiln Kit Joss Raffle M Rabble
Reinforced Kiln Kit Wampak Raffle M Rabble
50 Sun Steel Kanixihk Raffle M Kuupid
50 Sun Steel Anyolina 9th Place Design I Kuupid
Stainless Steel Pot Tammy Raffle M Ysabeau

A BIG thank you to all those that donated such fabulous prizes!

Designer Gift Bags include:

  • a bottle of Project Bunnyway Special Run Wine best when aged. It contains 13.1% Alcohol, 20.0 Residual Sugar, 10.9 Tannin, 2.7 Acid and is a White wine however it won't show any flavors if you open it this month.
  • 14 each of chocolate, dark gray, & lemon chiffon raeli tiles
  • a piece of chocolate

Mini Gallery

Example of a design created by event co-organizer, Korrin! To see more designs visit the gallery: Project Bunnyway Gallery

Korrins Sample Gown

  • Yes, Korrin can actually wear clothes! This is just an example of what can be done.

Korrins Sample Gown front

Previous Tale Events

Plagarism of these other gowns will get you disqualified. Please use them merely for examples. We want to see what YOU come up with.