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Events/The Sea Can Be A Dangerous Place

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The Sea Can Be A Dangerous Place

Begins Monday, December 12, 2011 9:00 PM GMT
All of Egypt
Ends Saturday, December 17, 2011 4:00 PM GMT

Egyptians run to and fro in the heat of the sun beating down on a desert country called Egypt. Strangers have been rare in the land as travel is difficult from lands afar. A new generation has begun in the land and these young Egyptians are daily completing tasks their ancestors have done over and over. A time for building, a time for growing vegetables, a time for herding sheep and camels in hopes of improving their lot in life. They are an industrious group spread over the green of grass and the light bronze of the desert. But is this all there is to life to define a people? What will their mettle prove to be? Courageous and brave...kind and generous...surly and selfish... Sometimes secrets are held in simple things like words. And so it would behoove a wise Egyptian to take note and record the words of weather. Are you wise or will you ignore valuable instruction and never profit?

System Messages

(Newest at bottom)

  • Mystery Event!! Can it be?
  • White clouds on a background of azure sky drift quietly over the sea off the northern coast of Egypt. The day is sunny and balmy so the waters are calm for sailing...
  • If there happened to be an Egyptian standing on the northern coast looking far and hard perhaps he might notice an odd silhouette of a tall masted merchant ship on the horizon. But then again, probably it is only a mirage...
  • A darkening horizon out over the sea smudges the blue that the sky should be.
  • The weather turns Windy and Cooler! Ariella: Hurried shouts of command are tossed off the white capped waves, all hands on deck rush frantically or to the sea will be added more graves.
  • The captain's rough voice is the last to be heard, "We must find a calm port, men sharpen your eyes! Or this whole voyage the gods will abort."
  • A tiny beacon of light in the dark guided the merchant ship towards the coast. Too many hands on deck were being lost at sea. The ship groaned and creaked as it ached towards land. "Land Ho!" was shouted by the eagle-eyed mate in the bird's nest. Towards the south the weather shown Brighter and Hopeful.
  • "Cap'n tis a mouth of a great river," was bellowed. The Commander recalled such a large snake of water described and gave orders to sail down far into the watery serpent's belly. So many lost from this voyage, would any be left as the ship drove ashore...


  • lil: 1099 , 7233 old Egypt... ship just sitting in the water


Ship in Egypt.PNG