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Who is Valin? He is not one of Giovanni's lost sailors. He speaks only Latin. He gives out gold in exchange for Tilapia fish.

Save the Sailors Update 01/12/2012

During the first Save the Sailors event, someone asked Giovanni if he knew Valin. Giovanni said he didn't know any Egyptian by that name. So, Valin is not one of Giovanni's lost sailors.

Zhukuram 21:50, 12 January 2012 (EST)
menoblack: Giovanni, do you know someone named Valin who speaks Latin?
Giovanni: Eh?  Why you aska about him?  I have not met a Egyptian of such a name.

Original Meeting 01/08/2012

Valin speaks only Latin. Seems to be a lost sailor. Perhaps one of the Master's lost crew.

He showed up at Rabble's Dig Site 01/08/2012.

Rabble announced his presence in Seven Lakes Chat. Zhukuram had been to Rabble's dig and had started on a walkabout but came back to talk with Valin.

As Zhukuram doesn't speak Latin the conversation was very ragged. The following is a synopsis of the exchange.

Conversation between Valin and Zhukuram 01 08 2012 and Translation

Translation done with Google Translate and I make no appologies for bad spelling or typing of the conversation.

Valin: Saluteum

Zhukuram: bon jour (hello)

Valin: Turbae Dominus misit me ad te transferre.

(Whirlwind of the Lord sent me to thee to transfer.)

Valin: Lorem alienigenae. Quaero domum. Expavit venter meus ad cibum.

(This stranger. I ask the house. Was struck with fear, my belly is for food.)

Valin: Hmmm quis tam acro? (Hmmm who is so EXTREMITY)
[there were some folks acroing nearby]

Zhukuram: un momen[t] sil vou plait (just a moment please)
[I was busy typing into google translate]

Zhukuram: Are you hungry? (Donec ensuriens)

Zhukuram: Do you need food? (Cibis opus est tibi?)

Valin: Tilapia piscis est quod intueor. (Tilapia is the fish that I behold.)

Valin: Phasellus pellentesque scelerisque augue sapidum mihi usless pisces (Heading fish more palatable to me usless)

Valin: Est Statim Discedere. meis castris ante me exspectat. (There is to depart immediately. my camp in front of for me.)

Valin: Gratias ago vos pro vestri vicis. Hoc aurum. [he runs off a bit] (I thank you for your time. This gold.) [Valin gives Zhukuram a gold]

Zhukurm [runs after] attends (wait) un memento

Zhukuram: I have a pepper no fish now (Piperis piscibus et nunc non habeo) (I give him a grilled pepper)

Zhurkuram: I am getting a fish for you (Questus sum tibi piscis)

[Typed in Seven Lakes Chat that Valin maybe a lost sailor and needs a Tilapia Fish.
Rabble comes back with fish]

Rabble: (Aliquam) Some (Rabble says he got a gold from Valin)

[Valin leaves unexpectedly with appologies]

Screen Shot

Valin Latin Sailor 01 08 2012 small.png