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Osiris's Essential Compound Extract Recipes

These are not the only combinations that will produce these extracts... other combinations may be possible.
Extract Requirements that are currently unfulfillable have been left off of this page.

See also: Tallow's Recipe Book
and Larame's Weighted Chemistry Recipes.

Attribute 1 Attribute 2 Essence1 Essence 2 Essence 3 Essence 4 Essence 5
Ar++++ As++++ SpindleTree Hyssop Sweetsop CamelPheromonesFemale CamelPheromonesMale
Ar++++ As++++ SpindleTree Hyssop TinyClover CamelPheromonesFemale CamelPheromonesMale
Ar++++ As---- Ranyahn RedMaple SaltsOfGold SaltsOfTungsten Sweetsop
Ar++++ As---- PhoenixPalm RedMaple SaltsOfTungsten Chatinabrae ShrubbyBasil
Ar++++ As---- BluebottleClover CommonSage MiniatureFernPalm Ranyahn ToweringPalm
Ar++++ As---- PowderedSapphire Ranyahn SaltsOfMagnesium TinyClover ToweringPalm
Ar++++ Bi++++ PowderedSunstone BlueTarafern BluebottleClover Hyssop ShrubbyBasil
Ar++++ Bi++++ PowderedSunstone BlueTarafern CrimsonLettuce Hyssop ShrubbyBasil
Ar++++ Bi---- PowderedTopaz Ranyahn SaltsOfStrontium ShrubSage TinyClover
Ar++++ Bi---- LocustPalm RedMaple BrownMuskerro Sweetsop TinyClover
Ar++++ Bi---- RedMaple SaltsOfTungsten BrownMuskerro Tagetese TinyClover
Ar++++ Sa++++ ButterleafTree ToweringPalm SaltsOfStrontium CrimsonLettuce Mariae
Ar++++ Sa++++ Ranyahn ToweringPalm SaltsOfStrontium CrimsonLettuce Mariae
Ar++++ Sa---- PowderedTopaz Ranyahn RazorPalm TapacaeMiralis TinyClover
Ar++++ Sa---- PratyekaTree Ranyahn RazorPalm ShrubbyBasil TinyClover
Ar++++ So++++ AltarsBlessing ButterleafTree CrimsonPipeweed RazorPalm TapacaeMiralis
Ar++++ So++++ AltarsBlessing CrimsonPipeweed Hyssop RazorPalm TapacaeMiralis
Ar++++ So---- MiniatureFernPalm PhoenixPalm Ranyahn RedMaple StoutPalm
Ar++++ So---- BroadleafPalm MiniatureFernPalm PowderedTopaz Ranyahn SaltsOfTungsten
Ar++++ So---- ButterleafTree Elephantia MiniatureFernPalm Ranyahn SaltsOfStrontium
Ar++++ Sp---- BottleTree ButterleafTree Mariae SaltsOfCopper Sweetsop
Ar++++ Sp---- CeruleanBlue Mariae SaltsOfCopper ShrubbyBasil Sweetsop
Ar++++ Sw++++ BrownMuskerro PhoenixPalm PowderedRuby Prisniparni Sweetsop
Ar++++ Sw++++ BrownMuskerro OpalHarebell PhoenixPalm Prisniparni Sweetsop
Ar++++ Sw---- AshPalm ButterleafTree MiniatureFernPalm PowderedTopaz TinyClover
Ar++++ Sw---- ButterleafTree PowderedDiamond Ranyahn SaltsOfCopper TinyClover
Ar++++ To++++ ButterleafTree MiniatureFernPalm Ranyahn RedMaple TinyOilPalm
Ar++++ To++++ BroadleafPalm ButterleafTree MiniatureFernPalm PowderedTopaz Ranyahn
Ar++++ To++++ MiniatureFernPalm PowderedTopaz Ranyahn TinyClover Xanosi
Ar++++ To---- Lavender Navarre Phoenix Palm Royal Palm Brown Muskerro Prisniparni
Ar++++ To---- Lavender Navarre Royal Palm Salts Of Magnesium Brown Muskerro Prisniparni
Ar++++ To---- PhoenixPalm PowderedSunstone BrownMuskerro Prisniparni CamelPheromonesFemale
Ar++++ To---- PowderedSunstone AltarsBlessing BrownMuskerro Prisniparni CamelPheromonesMale
Ar---- As++++ Beetlenut Cricklewood FeatherTree Hawthorn OilPalm
Ar---- As++++ Cricklewood Fleabane Hawthorn OilPalm SaltsOfZinc
Ar---- As---- Arconis CommonRosemary FernPalm PowderedQuartz Tsangto
Ar---- As---- BlueDamia BrambleHedge FernPalm Hazlewort Tsangto
Ar---- Bi++++ Cricklewood FernPalm FoolsAgar UmbrellaPalm WindriverPalm
Ar---- Bi++++ FoolsAgar Lythrum Morpha UmbrellaPalm WindriverPalm
Ar---- Bi---- Beetlenut Cricklewood Hawthorn MiniPalmetto OilPalm
Ar---- Bi---- Bloodbark Mindanao MiniPalmetto OilPalm PowderedQuartz
Ar---- Sa++++ BlueDamia MiniPalmetto OilPalm PowderedQuartz SaltsOfLead
Ar---- Sa++++ FireAllspice MiniPalmetto OilPalm Satsatchi SteelBladegrass
Ar---- Sa---- CommonRosemary Cricklewood Hawthorn Orrorin PowderedEmerald
Ar---- Sa---- Cricklewood Discorea DwarfHogweed PowderedDiamond PowderedEmerald
Ar---- So++++ Beetlenut CoconutPalm CommonRosemary Cricklewood FoolsAgar
Ar---- So++++ Beetlenut CommonRosemary Cricklewood DrapeauDor FoolsAgar
Ar---- So---- Beetlenut FernPalm Khokali SaltsOfZinc WindriverPalm
Ar---- So---- Bloodbark Khokali Lythrum SaltsOfZinc WindriverPalm
Ar---- Sp++++ Beetlenut Bloodbark FeatherTree MonkeyPalm Tsangto
Ar---- Sp++++ Bloodbark CommonBasil Discorea FeatherTree Tsangto
Ar---- Sp---- MiniPalmetto OilPalm Oleaceae Orrorin Savaka
Ar---- Sp---- Cricklewood MiniPalmetto Oleaceae Orrorin PowderedOpal
Ar---- Sp---- MiniPalmetto Morpha Oleaceae Orrorin WindriverPalm
Ar---- Sw++++ CommonRosemary Cricklewood Hogweed Oleaceae PowderedRuby
Ar---- Sw++++ CommonRosemary Digweed Hogweed Oleaceae PaleDhamasa
Ar---- Sw---- AshPalm Cricklewood FeatherTree Lythrum PowderedDiamond
Ar---- Sw---- Bloodbark Cricklewood Lythrum Morpha UmbrellaPalm
Ar---- To++++ Beetlenut BroadleafPalm FernPalm Glechoma Yigory
Ar---- To++++ BroadleafPalm Bucklerleaf FernPalm Glechoma Yigory
Ar---- To---- Cricklewood Fleabane FoolsAgar OilPalm UmbrellaPalm
Ar---- To---- FeatherTree Fleabane Hogweed OilPalm RoyalPalm
As++++ Bi++++ Cricklewood Meadowsweet SaltsOfZinc SpindleTree WindriverPalm
As++++ Bi++++ CrumpledLeafBasil Meadowsweet SaltsOfZinc SpindleTree Sweetflower
As++++ Bi---- BlackPepperPlant Bucklerleaf FeatherTree Hawthorn OilPalm
As++++ Bi---- Bucklerleaf CrimsonPipeweed DwarfWildLettuce Hawthorn SaltsOfAluminum
As++++ Sa++++ BlackPepperPlant CeruleanBlue SaltsOfAluminum SaltsOfStrontium SaltsOfTin
As++++ Sa++++ BlackPepperPlant CeruleanBlue SaltsOfAluminum SaltsOfTin Trilobellia
As++++ Sa---- Cricklewood Hawthorn RazorPalm SpikedFishtree SpindleTree
As++++ Sa---- BroadleafPalm Cricklewood Hawthorn PowderedDiamond SpindleTree
As++++ Sa---- DrapeauDor FeatherTree Fleabane Hawthorn SpindleTree
As++++ So++++ CoconutPalm Cricklewood FeatherTree Hawthorn SpindleTree
As++++ So++++ CoconutPalm Cricklewood FeatherTree Hawthorn Yava
As++++ So---- BroadleafPalm CeruleanBlue FeatherTree PratyekaTree VerdantSquill
As++++ So---- CeruleanBlue FeatherTree PratyekaTree SaltsOfZinc VerdantSquill
As++++ Sp---- BroadleafPalm CeruleanBlue GiantCricklewood Savaka SpindleTree
As++++ Sp---- BroadleafPalm CeruleanBlue Cricklewood Orrorin VerdantSquill
As++++ Sp---- CeruleanBlue DwarfHogweed Hawthorn SaltsOfTin VerdantSquill
As++++ Sw++++ BottleTree DwarfWildLettuce SweetFlower VerdantSquill CamelPheromonesFemale
As++++ Sw++++ Cricklewood BrownMuskerro DwarfWildLettuce SweetFlower CamelPheromonesFemale
As++++ Sw---- AshPalm Bloodbark Cricklewood FeatherTree SpindleTree
As++++ Sw---- AshPalm Cricklewood FeatherTree Myrrh SpindleTree
As++++ To++++ BroadleafPalm FeatherTree Lemondrop Myrrh Yava
As++++ To++++ BroadleafPalm Glechoma Soapwort SpikedFishtree Yava
As++++ To---- Cricklewood Fleabane Hawthorn RoyalPalm SpindleTree
As++++ To---- Fleabane Fumitory Garcinia Hawthorn SpindleTree
As---- Bi++++ BrambleHedge FernPalm MonkeyPalm PowderedOpal UmbrellaPalm
As---- Bi++++ FernPalm IndigoDamia MonkeyPalm PowderedOpal PowderedSapphire
As---- Bi---- Anaxi Arconis Mindanao MiniPalmetto PowderedQuartz
As---- Bi---- Arconis CoconutPalm Harebell MiniPalmetto PowderedQuartz
As---- Sa++++ AshPalm BrambleHedge CoconutPalm PowderedQuartz ToweringPalm
As---- Sa++++ AshPalm CoconutPalm PowderedQuartz PowderedSapphire ToweringPalm
As---- Sa---- Arconis BluebottleClover MonkeyPalm PowderedDiamond PowderedRuby
As---- Sa---- BrambleHedge FoldedBirch MonkeyPalm PowderedRuby WildOnion
As---- So++++ Arconis BrambleHedge RedMaple TapacaeMiralis ToweringPalm
As---- So++++ Arconis AshPalm CoconutPalm PowderedSapphire ToweringPalm
As---- So++++ Arconis Beetlenut BrambleHedge CoconutPalm PowderedSapphire
As---- So---- Chicory DarkOchoa Elephantia PowderedQuartz Ranyahn
As---- So---- CommonSage DarkOchoa Elephantia PhoenixPalm Ranyahn
As---- Sp++++ Arconis CoconutPalm CommonBasil MonkeyPalm UmbrellaPalm
As---- Sp++++ BluebottleClover Chicory CoconutPalm CommonBasil MonkeyPalm
As---- Sp---- BrambleHedge Orrorin PowderedOpal PowderedRuby PowderedSapphire
As---- Sp---- Hazlewort MountainMint Oleaceae PowderedOpal PowderedSapphire
As---- Sw++++ Arconis Ashoka IndigoDamia PowderedRuby WildLettuce
As---- Sw++++ BrambleHedge Cinnamon Hazlewort OpalHarebell PowderedRuby
As---- Sw---- Anaxi AshPalm BluebottleClover Mariae UmbrellaPalm
As---- Sw---- Anaxi BrambleHedge Chaffa Houseleek UmbrellaPalm
As---- To++++ Arconis Elephantia MiniatureFernPalm PowderedSapphire Ranyahn
As---- To++++ ButterleafTree Elephantia PowderedSapphire Ranyahn SaltsOfGold
As---- To---- BrambleHedge MountainMint UmbrellaPalm WildLettuce WildOnion
As---- To---- Cardamom CommonSage GinsengRoot MountainMint Prisniparni
Bi++++ Sa++++ CrumpledLeafBasil FireAllspice Motherwort UmbrellaPalm WildLettuce
Bi++++ Sa++++ Cinnar CrumpledLeafBasil FireAllspice PitcherPlant WildLettuce
Bi++++ Sa---- ChakkanutTree IndigoDamia MonkeyPalm SpindleTree UmbrellaPalm
Bi++++ Sa---- IndigoDamia PowderedDiamond SaltsOfIron SpindleTree UmbrellaPalm
Bi++++ So++++ Anaxi PowderedSunstone SaltsOfIron Dameshood Meadowsweet
Bi++++ So++++ Cricklewood SpindleTree PowderedSunstone SaltsOfIron Dameshood
Bi++++ So---- BroadleafPalm DarkOchoa FernPalm UmbrellaPalm WindriverPalm
Bi++++ So---- Cinquefoil FernPalm PratyekaTree SaltsOfZinc WindriverPalm
Bi++++ Sp++++ CommonBasil FernPalm MonkeyPalm UmbrellaPalm WildOnion
Bi++++ Sp++++ Discorea MonkeyPalm Myristica SaltsOfPlatinum UmbrellaPalm
Bi++++ Sp---- FernPalm Orrorin PowderedOpal Thyme WindriverPalm
Bi++++ Sp---- MiniatureFernPalm Morpha PowderedOpal SaltsOfIron WindriverPalm
Bi++++ Sw++++ Hazlewort IndigoDamia PowderedRuby Sweetflower WildLettuce
Bi++++ Sw++++ Digweed DwarfWildLettuce Hazlewort IndigoDamia WildLettuce
Bi++++ Sw---- AshPalm Crampbark Morpha UmbrellaPalm WindriverPalm
Bi++++ Sw---- MiniatureFernPalm MonkeyPalm Myrrh UmbrellaPalm WindriverPalm
Bi++++ To++++ BroadleafPalm FernPalm Ipomoea Myrrh WindriverPalm
Bi++++ To++++ Chatinabrae Ipomoea MiniatureFernPalm Morpha Myrrh
Bi++++ To---- FoolsAgar IndigoDamia MountainMint UmbrellaPalm WildLettuce
Bi++++ To---- MirabellisFern MountainMint SaltsOfIron WildLettuce WildOnion
Bi---- Sa++++ BottleTree Hokkaido LocustPalm MiniPalmetto Trilobellia
Bi---- Sa++++ Anaxi BottleTree Hokkaido MiniPalmetto PowderedQuartz
Bi---- Sa++++ CeruleanBlue SaltsOfAntimony SaltsOfStrontium MarbleDust Bucklerleaf
Bi---- Sa---- Beetlenut Harebell Hawthorn PowderedRuby TinyClover
Bi---- Sa---- Bucklerleaf FoldedBirch Harebell Hawthorn PowderedEmerald
Bi---- So++++ Anaxi Beetlenut BlackPepperPlant CoconutPalm MiniPalmetto
Bi---- So++++ CoconutPalm CrimsonPipeweed FoldedBirch Hawthorn MiniPalmetto
Bi---- So---- Beetlenut BroadleafPalm Ranyahn SaltsOfLithium ShrubSage
Bi---- So---- BottleTree Covage Ranyahn SaltsOfAntimony ShrubSage
Bi---- Sp---- BottleTree Glechoma MiniPalmetto Orrorin SticklerHedge
Bi---- Sp---- Bucklerleaf CeruleanBlue DustyBlueSage FoldedBirch SticklerHedge
Bi---- Sw++++ GinsengRoot MiniPalmetto OpalHarebell PowderedRuby ShrubSage
Bi---- Sw++++ Harebell Hogweed JaggedDewcup Lemondrop OpalHarebell
Bi---- Sw---- AshPalm Beetlenut CrimsonPipeweed SaltsOfStrontium StrawberryTea
Bi---- Sw---- Bucklerleaf ButterleafTree CrimsonPipeweed LocustPalm WeepingPatala
Bi---- To++++ Beetlenut Glechoma Mindanao Ranyahn TinyOilPalm
Bi---- To++++ Glechoma Mindanao MiniPalmetto MiniatureFernPalm SaltsOfLithium
Bi---- To---- Beetlenut Garcinia MountainMint RoyalPalm ShrubSage
Bi---- To---- Hogweed OilPalm RoyalPalm ShrubSage Tagetese
Sa++++ So++++ AshPalm CoconutPalm PowderedSapphire Satsatchi ToweringPalm
Sa++++ So++++ CoconutPalm Mariae PowderedSapphire SaltsOfTin ToweringPalm
Sa++++ So---- AshPalm BottleTree Cinnar Hokkaido WindriverPalm
Sa++++ So---- AshPalm BottleTree CeruleanBlue Ranyahn SaltsOfAntimony
Sa++++ So---- AshPalm CeruleanBlue Chicory SaltsOfAntimony SaltsOfStrontium
Sa++++ Sp---- BottleTree Cinnar Hokkaido Savaka Trilobellia
Sa++++ Sp---- AshPalm BottleTree BrambleHedge PowderedOpal PowderedQuartz
Sa++++ Sp---- BottleTree BroadleafPalm MiniPalmetto SaltsOfTin Satsatchi
Sa++++ Sw++++ BottleTree Caraway Kaeshra SandyDustweed WildLettuce
Sa++++ Sw++++ Caraway Oleaceae SandyDustweed Satsatchi WildLettuce
Sa++++ Sw---- AshPalm MiniatureFernPalm PowderedQuartz SaltsOfLead ToweringPalm
Sa++++ Sw---- AshPalm PowderedDiamond SaltsOfAntimony SaltsOfLead SaltsOfStrontium
Sa++++ To++++ AshPalm Dalchini MiniatureFernPalm SaltsOfLead Spinach
Sa++++ To++++ Dalchini Glechoma Hokkaido SaltsOfLead Spinach
Sa++++ To---- BrambleHedge SaltsOfTin Satsatchi SteelBladegrass WildLettuce
Sa++++ To---- FireAllspice Fleabane SaltsOfTin Satsatchi SteelBladegrass
Sa---- So++++ Kaeshra RazorPalm SpindleTree TapacaeMiralis TinyOilPalm
Sa---- So++++ Arconis Cricklewood Hawthorn PowderedRuby RazorPalm
Sa---- So++++ Hawthorn Passam PowderedRuby PowderedSapphire SpindleTree
Sa---- So---- Anansi BroadleafPalm FoldedBirch PratyekaTree StoutPalm
Sa---- So---- BroadleafPalm ChakkanutTree PhoenixPalm PratyekaTree SaltsOfZinc
Sa---- Sp++++ ChakkanutTree MonkeyPalm PowderedTopaz PratyekaTree UmbrellaPalm
Sa---- Sp++++ DrapeauDor MonkeyPalm PratyekaTree SaltsOfPlatinum WildOnion
Sa---- Sp---- BroadleafPalm FoldedBirch IndigoDamia PowderedOpal PowderedRuby
Sa---- Sp---- FoldedBirch IndigoDamia Oleaceae PowderedRuby Yigory
Sa---- Sw++++ IndigoDamia Oleaceae PowderedEmerald PowderedRuby TinyOilPalm
Sa---- Sw++++ Oleaceae PhoenixPalm PowderedEmerald PowderedRuby Sweetflower
Sa---- Sw---- MiniatureFernPalm MonkeyPalm PowderedDiamond SpindleTree TinyClover
Sa---- Sw---- MonkeyPalm Myrrh SaltsOfCopper SpindleTree TinyClover
Sa---- To++++ BroadleafPalm PowderedDiamond TapacaeMiralis TinyClover TinyOilPalm
Sa---- To++++ BroadleafPalm PowderedRuby TapacaeMiralis TinyClover Yigory
Sa---- To---- Fleabane Hawthorn RazorPalm RoyalPalm Skirret
Sa---- To---- Fleabane Hogweed RazorPalm Skirret SpindleTree
So++++ Sp++++ CoconutPalm FeatherTree MonkeyPalm SaltsOfSilver Tsangto
So++++ Sp++++ CoconutPalm FeatherTree SaltsOfPlatinum SaltsOfSilver Tsangto
So++++ Sp---- BrambleHedge GoldenThyme PowderedOpal PowderedSapphire TapacaeMiralis
So++++ Sp---- FoldedBirch PowderedSapphire SaltsOfIron SaltsOfTin TapacaeMiralis
So++++ Sw++++ Arconis CommonRosemary Hogweed OpalHarebell PowderedRuby
So++++ Sw++++ CoconutPalm IndigoDamia OpalHarebell PowderedRuby SaltsOfSilver
So++++ Sw---- Anaxi Arconis PowderedDiamond SpindleTree StrawberryTea
So++++ Sw---- Anaxi ChakkanutTree Houseleek SpindleTree StrawberryTea
So++++ To++++ CoconutPalm Glechoma PowderedSapphire TapacaeMiralis TinyOilPalm
So++++ To++++ GoldenThyme Mindanao PowderedSapphire ToweringPalm Yigory
So++++ To---- Cricklewood FoolsAgar Houseleek MountainMint RazorPalm
So++++ To---- Cricklewood Houseleek MountainMint RazorPalm Satsatchi
So---- Sp++++ CommonBasil DarkOchoa MonkeyPalm PratyekaTree Ranyahn
So---- Sp++++ CommonBasil DarkOchoa MonkeyPalm Ranyahn SaltsOfAntimony
So---- Sp---- AshPalm BottleTree BroadleafPalm MiniatureFernPalm WindriverPalm
So---- Sp---- MiniatureFernPalm Orrorin StoutPalm VerdantSquill WindriverPalm
So---- Sw++++ IndigoDamia Khokali Oleaceae Sweetflower VerdantSquill
So---- Sw++++ BroadleafPalm DwarfWildLettuce Khokali Oleaceae Sweetflower
So---- Sw---- AshPalm Bloodbark BroadleafPalm Elephantia MiniatureFernPalm
So---- Sw---- Bloodbark BroadleafPalm DarkOchoa MiniatureFernPalm SaltsOfCopper
So---- To++++ AshPalm BroadleafPalm MiniatureFernPalm Ranyahn WindriverPalm
So---- To++++ BroadleafPalm Chicory MiniatureFernPalm TinyOilPalm WindriverPalm
So---- To---- Chives PratyekaTree RoyalPalm SaltsOfTitanium VerdantSquill
So---- To---- Fleabane MirabellisFern PratyekaTree RoyalPalm VerdantSquill
Sp++++ Sw---- Beetlenut Bloodbark FeatherTree MonkeyPalm UmbrellaPalm
Sp++++ Sw---- Beetlenut Bloodbark LocustPalm MonkeyPalm UmbrellaPalm
Sp++++ To---- Chives Garcinia MonkeyPalm SaltsOfTitanium UmbrellaPalm
Sp++++ To---- Chives CommonBasil Garcinia SaltsOfTitanium UmbrellaPalm
Sp---- Sw++++ BottleTree IndigoDamia Oleaceae PowderedRuby Satsatchi
Sp---- Sw++++ CommonRosemary DwarfWildLettuce Oleaceae PowderedOpal PowderedRuby
Sp---- Sw---- AshPalm ButterleafTree GoldenThyme MiniatureFernPalm PowderedOpal
Sp---- Sw---- AshPalm CeruleanBlue GoldenThyme Houseleek SaltsOfCopper
Sp---- To++++ AshPalm BroadleafPalm MiniatureFernPalm Savaka WindriverPalm
Sp---- To++++ BroadleafPalm MiniatureFernPalm PowderedOpal WindriverPalm Yigory
Sw++++ To++++ BroadleafPalm Cinnamon Khokali Lemondrop PowderedRuby
Sw++++ To++++ Khokali Lemondrop Oleaceae Pippali TinyOilPalm
Sw++++ To---- Hogweed PaleOchoa PowderedRuby Satsatchi WildLettuce
Sw++++ To---- Kaeshra Oleaceae PaleDhamasa PaleOchoa WildLettuce
Sw---- To++++ AshPalm BroadleafPalm ButterleafTree Elephantia MiniatureFernPalm
Sw---- To++++ Beetlenut BroadleafPalm ButterleafTree MiniatureFernPalm Myrrh
Sw---- To---- Houseleek RoyalPalm SpindleTree UmbrellaPalm WeepingPatala
Sw---- To---- Fleabane FoolsAgar Houseleek UmbrellaPalm Whitebelly