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Here are the chemistry recipes I use. These recipes are automatically generated and many recipes use essences that have been tested by only one person. As such, you should be aware that some of these might be wrong.

On the plus side, all possible recipes using known materials are here. They also tend to use the cheapest materials when possible. You might notice that three quarters of the recipes use towering palm, royal palm, stout palm, fern palm, or bottle tree resins.

There is only one line per requirement and the requirements are alphabetized. So if you need to find a Maat recipe for To+++,So--- you should first find Maat, then So--- within Maat, then To+++.

Below is the google docs spreadsheet with all the recipes that I use. It also contains the raw essence data and the expense that I assigned to each kind of essence.

As you use these recipes and confirm that they work, please add them to the main recipe page. Any recipes that don't work should be reported to me in-game.