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Followers of Anubis

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We are selling lubricating oil, huge gems, and a few other things. Please visit our trade page to see what we accept in payment, and contact LuluDivine to arrange a trade. All trades will be conducted at our camp in EG 4500, -5900.


  • All of the ovens listed on this page are accessible to the public at an increased rate of 70%.
  • When you "Interrupt the Baking Process" 70% of the number listed next to the color name will go directly into your inventory. Please plan ahead for this!
  • Each oven has a sign next to it that lists the 3 suggested burn colors for that oven (same as the chart below)
  • The "Last Used By" menu on ovens now work correctly! Please report to us the name of the person who last used one of our ovens if you see it is not currently dredging tiles. We are tracking habitual offenders (but realize that everyone forgets now and again, including all of us).
  • Please make sure to start dredging the oven after you have finished burning it!

If you have questions about our Raeli Oven project, please chat Nchanter or LuluDivine

Check out the Color List to search by color.
Check out the Oven List to see the full color lists for each oven, or click on the oven number below.


Oven Region Coordinates Color Family Suggested Burn 1 Suggested Burn 2 Suggested Burn 3
1 Seven Lakes 1453, -1122 Pinks/Reds Pink Light Coral Firebrick
2 Cradle of The Sun 4284, -644 Golden Rods Bisque Wheat Golden Rod
3 Desert of Shades -1253, 2230 Pinks/Violets Violet Violet Red Deep Pink
4 Old Egypt Chariot 1218, 7279 Pinks/Violets Light Pink Purple Maroon
5 Valley of the Kings -2263, 7060 Green/Yellows Ivory Green Yellow Chartreuse
6 South Egypt -339, -5413 Orchids Plum Indigo Midnight Blue
7 River Plains 1801, 2854 Blues Powder Blue Light Steel Blue Royal Blue
8 Cat's Claw Ridge -341, 7000 Greens Pale Green Lime Green Dark Green
9 Desert of Shades -85, 226 Yellow/Khaki Old Lace Light Golden Rod Yellow Khaki
10 Seven Lakes -101, -105 Pinks/Reds Linen Light Pink Dark Salmon
11 South Egypt 699, -5688 Orchids Lavender Blush Medium Orchid Dark Orchid
12 Sinai 3135, 4844 Oranges Peach Puff Coral Chocolate
13 Lake of Reeds 4317, 7993 Violets Medium Purple Blue Violet Dark Violet
14 Razor's Edge 5011, 2609 Blue/Green Aquamarine Sea Green Dark Slate Gray
15 Valley of the Kings -2523, 5033 Grays Light Slate Gray Gray Dark Gray
16 Hinterlands (7L) -2480, -2886 Oranges Floral White Moccasin Sandy Brown
17 Desert of Nomads 2059, 6626 Pinks/Violets Misty Rose Hot Pink Medium Violet Red
18 Four Corners -55, 4298 Blues Light Slate Blue Blue Navy
19 River Plains 1713, 3557 Blue/Green Light Cyan Pale Turquoise Light Sea Green
20 Old Egypt 734, 5854 Goldenrods Light Yellow Gold Dark Olive Green
21 Cat's Claw Ridge -278, 6121 Greens Light Green Lime Green
22 River Plains 2530, 2096 Blues Medium Slate Blue Slate Blue Dark Blue
23 River Plains 2704, 1862 Blues Light Blue Teal Dark Slate Blue
24 River Plains 257, 1680 Pinks/Reds Light Pink Crimson Brown
25 Midland Valley -18, 5478 Blue/Green Azure Aqua Dark Cyan
26 Cat's Claw Ridge -29, 5919 Greens Honey Dew Medium Aqua Marine Forest Green
27 Hinterlands (7L) -3048, -2561 Oranges Cornsilk Navajo White Orange
28 Sinai 3367, 5115 Reds Salmon Carrot Orange Red
29 Hinterlands (CoTS) 3571, -1952 Reds Tomato Red Dark Red
30 Cat's Claw Ridge -248, 5131 Grays White Smoke Light Grey Dim Gray
31 Seven Lakes 2488, -3014 Pinks Snow Pink Deep Pink
32 Seven Lakes -42, -2106 Pink/Brown Pale Violet Red Tan Saddle Brown
33 Hinterlands (7L) -1110, -1835 Orchids Orchid Hot Pink Purple
34 Razor's Edge 5007, 1767 Blue/Greens Gainsboro Medium Turquoise Cadet Blue
35 Seven Lakes -185, -2936 Pink/Brown Sea Shell Feldspar Sienna
36 Four Corners -1037, 4619 Blue/Green Azure Light Sky Blue Deep Sky Blue
37 Hinterlands West (7L) -1982, -2888 Golden Rods Antique White Blanched Almond Burly Wood
38 Cradle of the Sun 3346, -49 Golden Rods Papaya Whip Dark Golden Rod Olive
39 Desert of Shades (4C) -1064, 3927 Blues Cornflower Blue Dodger Blue Steel Blue
40 Seven Lakes 378, -475 Browns Thistle Rosy Brown Indian Red
41 Sinai 3434, 3532 Greens Silver Dark Sea Green Medium Sea Green
42 Eastern Grounds 3224, -8037 Blue/Green Turquoise Deep Sky Blue Dark Turquoise
43 River Plains 1319, 3483 Blue/Green Alice Blue Sky Blue Medium Turquoise
44 Valley of the Kings -1449, 5409 Blue/Green Mint Cream Medium Spring Green Spring Green
45 Desert of Shades -519, 2661 Pinks/Violets Lavender Fuchsia Dark Magenta
46 Cradle of the Sun 3833, -394 Yellows Lemon Chiffon Pale Golden Rod Yellow
47 Cradle of the Sun 3825, -965 Oranges Light Salmon Dark Orange Carrot
48 Sinai 3841, 4058 Greens/Tans Beige Yellow Green Olive Drab
49 Cradle of the Sun 4849, -336 Golden Rods Light Golden Rod Yellow Dark Khaki Yellow Green
50 Desert of Nomads 2200, 6908 Golden Rods Lavender Blush Violet Indigo
51 Valley of the Kings -2086, 4277 Blues Light Sky Blue Turquoise Dark Cyan
52 South Egypt 2370, -7437 Blues Ghost White Medium Blue Dark Blue
53 South Egypt 1741, -4757 Orchids Plum Medium Orchid Midnight Blue
54 Cat's Claw Ridge -14, 8041 Yellow/Green Beige Dark Khaki Olive Drab
55 Eastern Grounds 3698, -4244 Pinks/Violets Linen Violet Red Maroon
56 Valley of the Kings -1888, 8166 Greens/Yellows Honey Dew Green Yellow Lawn Green



Str markerDotRd.png Dex markerDotPk.png End markerDotGr.png Spd markerDotOr.png Cabbage markerPinWhB.png Carrot markerPinWhR.png Cucumber markerPinWhU.png Eggplant markerPinWhE.png Garlic markerPinWhG.png
Con markerDotLb.png Foc markerDotBl.png Per markerDotPu.png Future markerDotWh.png Leeks markerPinWhL.png Onions markerPinWhO.png Peppers markerPinWhP.png Watermelon markerPinWhW.png Multiple markerPinWhstar.png Pump markerPinWhcircle.png