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Gem Cutting Table

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Size 17x17
Where Compound


This building becomes available after you have learned the Gem Cutting skill. They are used to shape cuttable gems into various cut gems.

Gem Cutting Tables cannot be rotated during placement.

If you have a Specimen Case (pre-order special item) you can put a partially cut gem in the case and work on it later.

  • Have the Specimen Case in your inventory
  • Work the gem until you are ready to stop
  • Select Finish Cutting and scroll to the end of the list and select: Unique Specimen
  • You will be given a box to name it e.g. BlockHeadCut
  • It will show in your inventory with this name and replaces the Specimen Case in your inventory
  • When you load the gem into the table again your specimen case will return to your inventory


Built in a Compound. Uses 17x17 cells.

Upgrade with Fine Balance

Adds a balance to a gem cutting table, measuring a gem's weight.

Upgrade table to Fracture Gems

This upgrade option is only available if you know Fine Balance

Once installed, it allows you to fracture large gems into between 0 and 7 smaller gems. The amount is random each time you fracture the gem.


Allows cutting of Cuttable Gems into Cut Gems of various types.

Cutting gems consists of trying to cut a semi-randomly shaped gem into a specific pattern. There is no room for error and the final product must be 100% accurate. The gem is cut by rotating the gem on its X,Y, or Z axis as needed, and cutting it with 1 of 3 blades on the table. The blades, and the type of cut they apply, are shown in the image below.

Cut paths.jpg


There are a number of hotkeys that move the gem. The mouse must be at the junction of the gem and the table for the hotkeys to work.

Public Gem Cutting Table

Gem Cutting Table open 1123, -1030 7L, upgraded with Fine Balance and Gem Fracturing