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The following is a quick guide to how eGenesis-run in-game events are scored, as captured from the Events channel at the start of T6:

Telanoc: As we do every tale we will be holding eGenesis created events this telling
Telanoc: As part of them we tend to give out prizes, and since there is often confusion about how the prizes go out I thought I would have this chat before we had the first one
Telanoc: For the veterans, this will be old hat, but for the new players, or those that simply forgot, this should hopefully reduce confusion
Telanoc: Each event has different prize catagories, such as getting the Highest Ranking in a conflict game.
Telanoc: Within each class there are four ways to give prizes.
Telanoc: The first is called Pinnacle
Telanoc: It is quite straight forward, whomever has the highest score wins the prize.
Telanoc: In the event there are two or more people with the same highest score, the system randomly chooses one to win.
Telanoc: The next way is called "Champions". Under this method the top X number of people will win the given prize, such as "top 3" or "top 7"
Telanoc: But this is the part that often confuses people. In the events there are more people with the same score than there are prizes, NO ONE gets a prize
Telanoc: For example, we do an event with a "Top 3". Scores are 3,2,1,1. The people that score 3 and 2 get their top 3 prize. But because there are more "1s" left than remaining prizes, neither of them gets anything.
Telanoc: The next way is "Lottery". I am sure most of you know how one works. In this instance you score is your number "tickets". So, using the scores above, one person would have 3 tickets, another 2, and the other two 1 each.
Mindl: If someone ties for first and is not picked to win, does that person get 2nd place or nothing as well?
Telanoc: They get 2nd place, assuming there are Champions prizes as well.
Telanoc: The last way is called "Proportion", and it is exactly what it sounds like, an allotment based on your score as a part of the total.
Telanoc: So, using the scores above, one person would get 1/2, another 1/3, and two would get 1/6 each
sarah: thank you for the clarification of the technical aspects.....but If I may make a suggestion...the frequency of the events (arena or otherwise) is of more interest to me...... would you like ot speak as to how often you envision events will be held?
sarah: also is it possible to make a clandar of events wiht a regular an event every 2 weeks or so?
Telanoc: We will hold as many events as we can, but I can't promise any given time
InambaGuum: is that one ever used? i don't remember seeing an event that used that mechanism.
Telanoc: It has been used in the past, it gives everyone a little something, often we call the "Participation" prizes
Mindl: Another question, in the above scenario, why wouldn't the tied 3rd place people get randomly picked for that category?
Telanoc: The best answer I have is "because". I wasn't going to try to argue why about any of them, but rather explain so there wouldn't be as much confusion
Rabble: Monument digs use that method
Telanoc: That is true Rabble, since the "Work Done" is a good use of Proportion