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The Guild Hall is at 1569, 3032 just north of River Plains Chariot Stop.

The Festivals altar is at 1522, 3492, in zfree camp. The main festivals will be held here, but people are welcome to sacrifice at other altars as it suits them.


Important Information

Test for your requirements well ahead of time if possible (a week preferably) since you may not be able to get what you need (some beers cannot be made for instance). If you get impossible requirements, do a private Isis festival to reset your requirements, then test again. Remember there must be 16 teppy hours between successful sacs, so this cannot be done in the last moment.

If the stuff you need is not in the warehouses by the altar, put your requests on this page and contact a supplier about your needs. For beers for the osiris you are encouraged to make it yourself if you are capable, although the brewers will be happy to help you out with a recipe. A list of suppliers are on this page.

Also, please keep your advancement up to date in the progression page to ease the planning of upcoming festivals.

Materials Needed

  • Testing Materials for Hathor: male rabbit (pillars) , female rabbit (foci)
  • All Hathor beers to be Very Potent (ambrosias stashes at guild do not all include vp in label but they *should* all be so)
  • Test asap in case you need to reroll if you get a vp date beer --ALL DATE beers are impossible to make currently.
    • It takes ten minutes to cook ambrosia in a kitchen (ambrosia: made with 1 db cobra blood and beer flavor needed)
    • There will an all stats meal at Zfree festival cp. Make sure you eat this meal before sacrificing. Also, remember to eat sink food first.
    • 'Altar set up : 3 each Sheep, Rabbits, Chickens (drop each animal separately, not in piles)
    • Action required during festival : Eat meal raising three Stats --ALL STATS meal takes care of this for everyone
VP Beer Flavor Festival God Brewer Number Brewing Current Stock
Honey/tunnan Hathor
Honey/nekau Hathor
Cherry/Rasti Hathor


For Game Calendar:


Guilds/Festivals/Announcements / Hathor

Guilds/Festivals/Announcements / Isis

Guilds/Festivals/Announcements / Maat

Guilds/Festivals/Announcements / Osiris

Guilds/Festivals/Announcements / Ra

Guilds/Festivals/Announcements / Thoth

Festival Preparation:

Guilds/Festivals/Prep / Bastet

Guilds/Festivals/Prep / Hathor

Guilds/Festivals/Prep / Isis

Guilds/Festivals/Prep / Maat

Guilds/Festivals/Prep / Osiris

Guilds/Festivals/Prep / Ra

Guilds/Festivals/Prep / Thoth

Festival Schedule

Check in game with festival guild or elders: toothless Also, check game calendar.

Discussion of the dates and times for Festivals is welcome in guild chat.
Adjustments can be made, if we have a large enough group at a particular time.
See below for personal requirements and altar setup.

God/Goddess Date Time Place Organizer
8PM GMT zfree festivals altar toothless
8PM GMT zfree festivals altar toothless

World Time Server Meeting Planner

Known Altars

Festival Suitability
Region Coords Host Isis Osiris Bastet Ra Maat Hathor Thoth Notes
River Plains 1522, 3492 ZFree Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes West of The University of Art
River Plains 1337, 2826 HHOFW Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes West of the University of Thought @ the HHOFW Vigil Site
Seven Lakes 1117, -924 Les Diamants du Nil Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NorthWest of the Chariot
Sinai 2640, 5680 Mirallie Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes North of the University of the Human Body

Citrus and Honey

A wide variation of citrus fruits and aromatic honey is in the huge chests by the zfree festival altar. If you need something that is not there, ask around in guild chat or elsewhere. Current citrus stock numbers are listed here

Citruses we are low on: (fewer than 100 in stock, 100-200 in stock)

Greenish: Citron, Corian, Lenat

Reddish: Mandarin, Tangerine, Citron, Coralfruit, Orange, Pummelo, Summerbell

Sweet: Tangelo, Corian, Mandarin, Orange, Summerbell

Tangy: Pummelo

All positive stats food recipe for Hathor

Chat Ruby

Beers For Hathor and Osiris

Hathor demands Very Potent malt beers. Osiris demands random malt beers with 3 qualities (same as banquet). Peacefulness' attempt at listing Osiris premades is here

Hathor Ambrosia on Stock

If you are able, please either brew your own beers for Hathor, or grab the ambrosia you need from the warehouse. If you need assistance, please contact Solaris or Gyges. Please don't ask about Date beers :(

Of course, combos work for any of the flavors. "Banana honey" will satisfy a "Banana" or "Honey" requirement.

  • VP Banana: 12
  • VP Barley: 10
  • VP Cherry : 6
  • VP Cinnamon: 8
  • VP Honey: 16
  • VP Nutmeg: 12
  • VP Orange: 7


Solaris (Gyges is MIA)

Undoable Beers


Very Potent Date is the only one not possible.


  • All date beer
  • ALL Spicy Banana


Please list here any flavor of wine that is requested by a god


The spirits will be burned in THIS order at the Zfree altar.

  • Fruit Spirits of Earth
  • Grain Spirits of Air
  • Grain Spirits of Earth
  • Grain Spirits of Fire
  • Grain Spirits of Water
  • Mineral Spirits of Air
  • Mineral spirits of Earth
  • Mineral Spirits of Fire
  • Mineral Spirits of Water
  • Wood Spirits of Air
  • Wood Spirits of Earth
  • Wood Spirits of Fire
  • Wood Spirits of Water


(2 vintages old, 10% alcohol, ambrosia made with dates)

Name in parenthesis is the supplier

  • Butter (Avanya)
  • Butterscotch (Avanya)
  • Coffee (Solaris, Avanya)
  • Geraniums (Solaris)
  • Grapefruit (Avanya, Spark)
  • Hazelnut (Solaris, Avanya)
  • Methyl Anthranilate
  • Peach (Solaris, Avanya)
  • Pineapple (Avanya)
  • Raisin (Avanya)
  • Raspberry (Solaris, Avanya)
  • Soy Sauce (Avanya, low amts)
  • Vanilla (Avanya)
  • Walnut (Solaris, Avanya)

Stock inventory (Jan 11, 2015): Number of Wine bottles in the same chest given in parenthesis

  • Butter 5 (23)
  • Butterscotch 8 (24)
  • Coffee 7 (21)
  • Geraniums 32 (25)
  • Grapefruit 13 (28)
  • Hazelnut 5 (21)
  • Methyl Anthranilate 22 (20)
  • Peach 16 (24)
  • Pineapple 27 (18)
  • Raisin 22 (22)
  • Raspberry 0! (15)
  • Soy Sauce 20 (22)
  • Vanilla 12 (23)
  • Walnut 6 (19)
    • AMBROSIAS Labeled by Combined flavors:**


  • Butter, Peach, Raspberry 2
  • Butter, Grapefruit 7
  • Butterscotch, Peach 6
  • coffee, hazelnut 2
  • Coffee, Hazelnut, Walnut 1
  • Geraniums, Walnut, Raisin 4
  • Pineapple,Vanilla,Peach 3
  • Raspberry, Butterscotch 3
  • Raspberry, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Pineapple 2



(2 vintages old, 12% alcohol, ambrosia made with ink)

Name in parenthesis is the supplier

  • Butter (Avanya, limited amt)
  • Butterscotch (Avanya, limited amt)
  • Coffee (Solaris, Avanya)
  • Geraniums (Solaris, Avanya)
  • Grapefruit (Spark, Avanya)
  • Hazelnut (Solaris, Avanya)
  • Methyl Anthranilate (Avanya)
  • Peach (Solaris, Avanya)
  • Pineapple (Avanya)
  • Raisin (Avanya)
  • Raspberry (Solaris, Avanya)
  • Soy Sauce (Avanya)
  • Vanilla (Avanya)
  • Walnut (Solaris, Avanya)

Stock inventory :

  • Butter 3
  • Butterscotch 3
  • Coffee 2
  • Geranium 3
  • Grapefruit 3
  • Hazelnut 1
  • Methyl Anthranilate 7
  • Peach 6
  • Pineapple 3
  • Raisin 8
  • Raspberry 1
  • Soy Sauce 4
  • Vanilla 3
  • Walnut 3

Roses for Maat Festival

The Festival Roses are on display near the RP chariot at 1575, 2882. You can go there and check which satisfy your god by clicking on the flowers themselves, or use the chart below if you have tested what you need.

The following players are fertilizing bulbs for this festival.
When you check your needs before a the scheduled Maat festival, contact one of them to get the petals:

  • Avanya
  • GHawkins
  • Renard
  • Pheros
  • Sheeba
  • Cate
  • Natta
  • Nitocris
  • TheMazeEcho
Rose Description Rose Creator Rose Name Checked? By...
dwarf n/a Red Dwarf (university rose)
dwarfx2 Avanya Small Fry TheMazeEcho
giant Avanya Large Fry TheMazeEcho
giantx2 GHawkins Gentle Giant
giantx3 Avanya Supersized Fry
leaves-blue Avanya Brilliant Blue Body
leaves-cyan Avanya Sincere Cyan
leaves-green Avanya Graceful Green
leaves-magenta Avanya Playful Pink Avanya
leaves-red Avanya Radiant Red
leaves-yellow n/a Goldenleaves (university rose)
inner petals-blue Avanya Blissful Blue Petals
inner petals-cyan Avanya Sincere Cyan Jyin
inner petals-green Avanya Graceful Green
inner petals-magenta Avanya Playful Pink Obol
inner petals-red n/a Red Dwarf (university rose)
inner petals-yellow Avanya Youthful Yellow natta
outer petals-blue Avanya Blissful Blue Petals
outer petals-cyan Avanya Sincere Cyan
outer petals-green Avanya Graceful Green natta
outer petals-magenta Avanya Playful Pink Panyea
outer petals-red Avanya Radiant Red Avanya
outer petals-yellow Avanya Youthful Yellow Reese
stamen-blue Avanya Brilliant Blue Body TheMazeEcho
stamen-cyan Avanya Sincere Cyan Shemei
stamen-green Avanya Graceful Green Avanya
stamen-magenta Avanya Playful Pink Jyin
stamen-red Avanya Radiant Red TheMazeEcho
stamen-yellow Avanya/GHawkins Youthful Yellow/Gentle Giant Jyin

some screenshots



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