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A schedule of the plants producing fresh leaves each game-week.

Calendar for the leaf and thistle voids change and the current week number:

Leaf History

Week No. Plant Egypt time Real time (UTC) Image
1 Tangerine Sunbell Year 1 Akhet I-10 December 5, 2011
Tangerine Sunbell
2 Water Leaf Year 1 Akhet I-19 December 8, 2011
Water Leaf
3 Ripple-Leaf Lily Year 1 Akhet I-22 December 9, 2011
Ripple-Leaf Lily
4 Water Leaf Year 1 Akhet I-29 December 12, 2011
Water Leaf
5 Curl-tip Snake Plant Year 1 Akhet II-6 December 14, 2011
Curl-tip Snake Plant
7 River Reeds
River Reeds
8 Velvet Nightflower
Velvet Nightflower
9 Pale Scatterbell
Pale Scatterbell
10 Date Palm Year 1, Akhet III-13 December 28, 2011
Date Palm
11 Cattails Year 1, Akhet III-23 January 1, 2012
12 Green Ground Cover
Green Ground Cover
13 Water Blossom
Water Blossom
14 Pale Scatterbell Year 1, Akhet IV-9 January 8, 2012
Pale Scatterbell
14 Green Ground Cover Year 1, Akhet IV-16 January 9, 2012
Green Ground Cover
38 Pranesh Year 1, Shemu I-30ish March 10, 2012ish
40 Full Isis headdress Year 1, Shemu II-11 to Shemu II-17 March 17, 2012
Full Isis Headdress
41 Wild Sea Oats Year 1, Shemu III-18 to Shemu III-24 March 30, 2012
Wild Sea Oats
99 Lemon Scatterbell Year 2, Shemu IV-4 to Shemu IV-10 Aug 12, 2012
Lemon Scatterbell
101 Water Leaf Year 2, Shemu IV-18 to Shemu IV-24 Aug 18, 2012
Water Leaf
102 Pilgrim's Sacrifice Weed Year 2, Shemu IV-25 to Akhet I-1 Aug 20, 2012
Pilgrim's Sacrifice Weed
103 Wild Oats Year 2, Akhet I-2 to Akhet I-8 Aug 23, 2012
Wild Oats
104 Millefoil Year 2, Akhet I-9 to Akhet I-15 Aug 27, 2012
105 Tangerine Sunbell Year 3 Akhet I-16 to Akhet I-22
Tangerine Sunbell
106 Tangerine Sunbell Year 3 Akhet I-23 to Akhet I-29
Tangerine Sunbell
109 Pale Pampas Grass Year 3 Akhet II-14 to Akhet II-20
Pale Pampas Grass
110 Yellow Ground Palm Year 3 Akhet II-21 to Akhet II-27
Yellow Ground Palm
111 Dark Pampas Grass Year 3 Akhet II-28 to Akhet III-4
Dark Pampas Grass
112 Yellow Ground Palm Year 3 Akhet III-5 to Akhet III-11
Yellow Ground Palm
113 Ripple-Leaf Lily Year 3 Akhet III-12 to Akhet III-18
Ripple-Leaf Lily
114 Pirella Year 3 Akhet III-19 to Akhet III-25
115 Canary Groundmaple Year 3 Akhet III-26 to Akhet IV-2
Canary Groundmaple
116 Firecrack Year 3 Akhet IV-3 to Akhet IV-9
117 Green Ground Cover Akhet IV-10 to Akhet IV-16
Green Ground Cover
118 Pale Scatterbell Akhet IV-17 to Akhet IV-23
Pale Scatterbell
119 Lamb's Ear Akhet IV-24 to Akhet IV-30
Lamb's Ear
120 Milk Weed Peret I-1 to Peret I-7
Milk Weed
505 Caramel Blossum
506 Snake Plant
507 Big Leaf Plant
508 Canary Groundmaple
Canary Groundmaple