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Vegetable Seeds

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Vegetable seeds are used to grow vegetables).


Each University that has opened the research Agriculture will offer each paid avatar four seeds (of the same kind) from one of the five vegetables Cabbage, Carrot, Garlic, Leeks and Onions. A player can only obtain this gift once at each University.

Trial accounts cannot get seeds from the University, and can only obtain seeds from other players.

Eggplant, Peppers and Watermelons seeds are only granted during special events.


Vegetable seeds are required to grow vegetables.

When on the appropriate type of ground (Grass, Sand or Dirt depending on the seed being used) and whilst there is a seed in your inventory, a Plant... menu will appear on the Self menu. Selecting the Plant menu, then the desired seed, will plant the vegetable seed.


Successfully harvesting a vegetable will give you your seed back, and killing a vegetable plant (either through lack of water or overwatering) will leave a seed behind on the ground. You need never worry about running out of vegetable seeds (as long as you don't leave them on the ground and walk away), though of course you can only work as many simultaneous beds as you have seeds.

Reproducing vegetable seeds -- getting more seeds back from a harvest -- is a puzzle that Egypt has to solve. The method is different for each vegetable, and always changes from Tale to Tale. Discussion of vegetable seed reproduction can be found on the discussion page.

Cabbage: Two players who have passed the Test of Mentorship growing cabbage close to each other will each harvest 8 seeds.

Carrot: Undiscovered (during Amnesty, Pluribus: Carrots required the grower to have a last mined workloadsize of > 1000, it would then produce a seed.)

Eggplant: Undiscovered (during Amnesty, Pluribus: It required 3 level 1 people to be growing eggplants together.)

Garlic: Grow next to an ex spouse for an extra seed

Leek: Player dependant fish, when you catch that type of fish and grow leeks before catching any other fish, you'll produce an extra seed. If you fish and catch other types of fish, you'll get a half yield the next time you grow leeks.

Onion: Player dependent tree, when you harvest the tree, your avatar will be flagged to have an extra seed on the next successful growing of Onions. It is possible to re-harvest the same tree repeatedly to get more seeds.

Pepper: Undiscovered (during Amnesty, Pluribus: Each player had a secret veggie that if they grew right before the peppers caused an extra seed)

Watermelon: You can grow a seed after cutting a bridge cut, any gem. cutting other gems afterwards doesn't spoil the effect. Optimal watering is not a factor for extra seed but it does show veggie production cut in half after cutting any gem as a hint.

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